Boys at Marsden

When Mrs Swainson opened her school in Thorndon in 1878, boys were enrolled along with girls although they were generally in the junior classes. The education at Fitzherbert Terrace School was considered sound by parents of the day, and most boys remained in the school before moving on to Wanganui Collegiate, or Wellington College. The majority of the boys were from neighbouring families, many coming to school with their elder sisters but a few were boarders. The boys took classes with the girls, but the extra lessons like music and speech were left to the girls. With new schools in the area, and the Great War, numbers of boys soon decreased, although there were always one or two up until the 1930s. Of the 50 boys that attended the school until 1914, 13 were killed in action.

Boys at Fitzherbert Terrace School - 1901
In 1973, boys returned to Marsden in the Lower School. They could be enrolled from the Pre-School through to Standard 2 (Year 4). The interaction between students was always healthy - girls played boys games in the playground where competition was fierce when it came to ball games. Many of these boys were of different cultures and nationalities and brought a new dimension to the school, particularly in the School Production. Currently boys are now  only enrolled in the pre-school.