School Building, 1926. Note there is no second storey which was added in 1929
  School Building c 1965.
The copper tower over the front door blew down in the wahine storm - narrowly missing the Headmistress, Miss Ogle. We don't know what happened to the tower, but it was probably used as scrap.

School building c1996.
Note the new library at the end of the building, and the dark green colour.

The Boarding house being built, 1925
Boarding House, 1926-1995 (picture taken in 1964)
The balcony along the top storey was open.

Marsden House (formerly the Boarding House)
The balcony was glassed in in 1970. The pillars were put along the front in the 1995 development   

Clere House. Built in 1968 to accommodate the seniors
The Bridge went from the Boarding House into the top of Clere House.

The Baber Memorial Chapel was opened in 1968.
It has undergone several refurbishments since then.
The stainled glass windows were designed by Old Girl and Board member Beverley Shore Bennett   
The opening of the Founders' Hall, 1932.
The Hall was used for a wide variety activities.

The Founders' Hall  had a gallery from which people could watch plays. There were wall bars and ropes from the ceiling for gymanstics. The Hall was condemned in 1968 as an earthquake risk. Assembly was then held in the vestibule.

The current auditorium was built on the site of the Founder's Hall. It was largely designed by Miss ogle, and was opened in 1974. It was significantly refurbished in 2003

The Lodge was at the Karori Rd entrance to the school. It was originally a butcher's shop but when the school took over the grounds it was initally used as the Primary School, before it became the Art Department. It was demolished in 1980.

Innes House was purchased from Mrs Cooper (nee Riddford) in 1930. It has had a variety of uses - it housed the Primary School, was a hostel for the teachers arriving from England, and in 1980 became the Art House. It has had several refurbishments.

The Gym was first built and opened in 1971. It had no showers.  

The gym was extended in 1989 to include a shower block, an exercise/fitness laboratory and a staff area. The activities room was added to the school building at the same time.

Stage 1 of the new Sports Complex at the Vera Street entrance to the school was opened in May 2008

The first school Library was where the current Rooms 2 and 3 are. Some of those big wooden tables are in the current Library, some in the Senior School and others in the Swainson Room. The chairs and tables were all donated by Old girls and students of the time.

In 1974, when the new Hall was built the Library moved under the Hall where IT Central, IT 1 and the photocopying room are.

In 1994 the Library moved to its current position which had once been the original Science labs, and "Flagpole Lawn". 

When the science lab was built in 1926 it was said to to be the finest in any NZ school. This one was where the current library is. In 1974 they moved down to where they currently are, and this room became the Geography Room

The current science labs were refurbished and extended in 2001


When the Lower School was built in 1950 it looked like this. In 1987 it was extended to include the Library, 2 classrooms and the staffroom. In 1998 while it was being demolished all, but the 1987 block burnt down.
Athfield designed Marsden Primary, opened in 1999.