Although house groupings had been informal when the school was down in Fitzherbert Terrace by 1927, when the school had come up to Karori there were seven houses based on the area the students came from. This was enable the older students to look after the younger students on their way home after games afternoon.
Later, with transport services improved and sport being re-arranged these seven houses became 4 – each with double-barrelled names. In 1970 with an increased roll,  these changed again to the six house we have today – two still with their double barrelled names – but all named after benefactors to the school.

Baber – named after Miss Baber, Principal of the school from 1907-1931

Hadfield Beere – Hadfield after Ernest Hadfield, friend of the Swainsons, and son of the famous Bishop Hadfield; and Beere after Oswald Beere, who was the first secretary to the Board of Governors after the School was sold to the Anglican Church

Jellicoe was named after His Excellency Admiral Lord Jellicoe (the Governor Genral of the time) who laid the foundation stone of the school in 1923

Johnson was the first chaplain of the school when it moved up to Karori

Richmond  was named after the Rachel and Beatrice Richmond who were staff members of the Fitzherbert Terrace School. Rachel had the responsibility for the Lower School and later married and became Mrs Crompton-Smith. Beatrice Richmond taught with Miss Baber during the Swainson years and later when Miss Baber owned the school.

Swainson  Riddiford - Mrs Maryann Swainson the founder of the school and her daughter Mary who became Headmistress when her mother died are recognised in the first part of the name and the Riddiford brothers who gave the 10 acre block of land in Karori to the Church to enabling the school to be built up here are recognised in the second.

Marsden Primary and Marsden Whitby have their own houses.