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If you would like careers advice please see Ms Binns. You will find many links on this page that are of use to you.  For example: in the recommended school subjects  folder  there are links to subject choice guides for Year 11 and 12 students about which subjects they should take at school for preparation for different university courses. Auckland, Otago, Canterbury, AUT, Massey and Victoria Universities all have their own links. 


Otago University Scholarships - further opportunities

The second round of Entrance Scholarships for the University of Otago will open in mid-November and close on December 5. Please refer to the link below for more detail. These scholarships are limited in number and have a specific focus, and are not necessarily designed for those students who did not gain an Entrance Scholarship in the first round of offers. The New Frontiers scholarship, which can also be found in the link, will remain open until early March next year. Although this is an automatic award for students without another entrance scholarship and who have attained an excellence endorsement from NCEA Level 2 and/or Level 3, intending applicants will still need to tick the box in their eVision portal to initiate their application.

Otago Course Planning

Otago University are offering help with course planning to any students who may require it. This is available in the week from Monday 3 - Friday 7 December. Parents are welcome to make an appointment also.
To make an appointment please contact Margaret Tobin  P: 04 460 9805
Appointment times are between 9.30am and 4pm at the following address:
University of Otago Schools’ Liaison Office
Level 5, 
Lambton Centre
117 Lambton Quay (alongside the old Public Trust building)Wellington CBD

Update from Massey

  • The major known as Entrepreneurship and Innovation in the BBUS will no longer be offered in 2019.
  • There is a new major for the Bachelor of Health Science: Health Services Navigation (HSN)*: to develop skills and understanding that can assist others in  navigation of the complexities of the health care system. It focuses on advocacy and leadership and the social and functional (as opposed to medical) implications of impairment, disability and disadvantage.
  • The Bachelor of Sport and Exercise has a new major:  Sport development. This is a multifaceted, and often holistic, concept that plays an important role in the initiation, support and promotion of sport and physical activity at the volunteer, club, regional and national organisational levels, from grassroots to the elite level. This major will prepare students for work in the varied and growing area of sport development by providing knowledge in topics such as sport organisational structure and function, event and facility management, sport communication along with sociological, conditioning and business issues linked to sport and the athlete.
  • The Bachelor of Commercial Music has a new pathway: Sound Engineering.  This suits students who are passionate about recording, production, live sound, studios, electronic music tools and working with other great artists. You don’t have to play an instrument - the studio is your instrument.
  • The Bachelor of Creative Media Production has a new pathway: Directing and Producing. Through practical and critical engagement, students will gain a creative and technical knowledge and understanding of approaches and methodologies essential for producing and directing film, television, animation, visual effects, games, augmented reality and other emerging media.
Selected entry programmes application due dates for 2019 for Massey
Aviation: 1ST NOVEMBER 
Nursing: 30TH NOVEMBER
 Design: 30TH NOVEMBER 
Fine Arts: 30TH NOVEMBER 
Social Work: 26TH NOVEMBER 
Maori Visual Arts: 30TH NOVEMBER 
Speech & Language Therapy: 5TH DECEMBER

Recent release from AUT

Times Higher Education (THE) recently released its 2019 World University Rankings results, placing AUT for the first time in the top three universities in New Zealand, and the top 350 in the world. Over the last four years AUT has climbed consistently in the Times Higher Education rankings and ascended two bands from its 2018 position in the 401-450 band. Ahead of AUT are the well-established Universities of Auckland and Otago, both in the top 250.

Pre-Med courses UK

These courses are organised by a UK based company and run during February 2019 and from June-August 2019. They are 1 or 2-week courses designed especially for students that are seriously interested in going into careers in medicine or dentistry. The courses are aimed at students aged 15 and older.They take place in the United Kingdom in London, in Bangkok, Thailand and Palampur in India. Students from all over the world take part and work in hospitals during the course, all with the aim of teaching them about healthcare and allowing them to get a better understanding of these professions. Be aware, the costs on the websites are for students based in the UK so NZ students would have additional travel costs. See for more information.

University of Auckland mentoring for new students

The University of Auckland UniGuide programme  is a free mentoring service for first year students to help them transition into the University during the first semester.Students applying and enrolling to the University of Auckland should look at the following link

Changes for Selection to Medicine and Dentistry

From 2019, students interested in studying Medicine and Dentistry will sit the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) as part of their admissions process.  (instead of the UMAT) The UCAT is a well-established and internationally respected test, used widely in the UK since 2006 (under the name UKCAT) to select students to medicine and dentistry courses at the majority of UK universities. The new test is a 2 hour computer based test which gives students immediate results. The test consists of five, seprately timed, subtests in these areas:  verbal reasoning, decision making, quantitative reasoning, absract reasoning and situational judgement .All the universities in New Zealand and Australia who will be changing to UCAT are here.  Please note, some Australian Universities will not require UCAT but all new Zealand ones will. To help prepare for UCAT free, comprehensive preparation materials, including an online guide, tutorials, question banks and practice tests will be available on the UCAT website  in early 2019.

Guide to Student Loans and Allowances

School Leaver NZ have put together a free Guide to Loans and Allowances E Book for students planning tertiary education. This is worth reading as parents and also for your daughters whom received this by email last term.

Go Kiwi Go

There are still opportunities for Year 13 students who want to take a short volunteer experience this Summer, anything from two to twelve weeks. There are a range of scholarships available to help fund this experience.  See

New Zealand Institute of Sport (NZIS) Taster Day

The New Zealand Institute of Sport has free taster sessions at their Wellington campus on Friday the 2nd of November. These interactive sessions are ideal for students who are considering study in sport & fitness and would like to experience a session or two as a NZIS student.Students interested in attending should register here. This link also has information about what the sessions will offer.

University Guide

Students considering attending university when they leave school should visit this website  It has many links to more information about the universities on offer in New Zealand and a pdf at the bottom of the page linked above called ‘Thinking About University’ has all the undergraduate degrees available in NZ listed. I highly recommend this resource.

Updates from the University of Canterbury

New degree for 2019:Bachelor of Communication This degree covers topics in media, communication, political science, digital humanities, management, marketing and Maori and indigenous studies. There are four majors- 1. Journalism, 2. Political Communication, 3. Communication Strategy & Management 4. Tauwhitinga Maori: Maori Communication Strategy and Practice.
New course for 2019: The science of human communication. This is a 100 level course covering all things fundamental to communication from the anatomical and physical processes behind it, to how to do it well, what happens when things go wrong and how these issues can be mitigated.
New major for 2019:The UC Business School has a new major in Innovation for those student studying a Bachelor of Commerce. The major is designed to enhance students’ knowledge, skills and experiences in generating creative ideas, assessing feasibility and implementing innovative products, processes and technologies.

Massey University School of Music and Creative Media Production- Scholarships

New scholarships are available for students intending to study Commercial Music or Creative Media Production through Massey in 2019. The school also offers both Maori and Pasifika scholarships. Each of these scholarships is worth $10000. Applications open 31st August and close Wednesday 31st October. See

Go Kiwi Go Scholarships

Go Kiwi Go provides gap experience opportunities for school leavers who are looking to do something before further study, or taking on an apprenticeship. They are now offering 16 scholarships, worth $1000 or $500, and students can apply at any time, with applications being turned around within two weeks. See or contact Rhiannon on 0800 600 300 or by email,

Jump Start Physics- Otago Summer School

Otago University run a Summer school course designed to help students prepare for first year biological physics which is part of the first year health sciences course required for admission to medicine, dentistry, medical laboratory science, pharmacy and physiotherapy. This is designed for students with fewer than 14 credits at NCEA is Level 2 Physics. It runs from 28 January -15 February. See

Massey Creative Arts Scholarships

Massey have a number of scholarships available to students who would like to study at Massey University with the College of Creative Arts.   
  • School of Music and Creative Media Production (x 4)
  • Commercial Music Scholarship $10,000 (closes 31 October)
  • Creative Media Production Scholarship $10,000 (closes 31 October)
  • Maori Scholarship $10,000 (closes 31 October)
  • Pasifika Scholarship $10,000 (closes 31 October)
  • L’affare Photography Scholarship $5,000 (x 2) (closes 1 October)
  • Toioho ki Apiti Maori Visual Arts Scholarship $5,000 (x5) (closes 30 November)
See this link for more information regarding each of the scholarships and to register your interest in applying:

Transition to University Study- Otago

These resources can help you to prepare for study at Otago:

Fees-Free Tertiary Education

Fees-free is managed by the Tertiary Education Commission (TEC). Students can check if they can get fees-free study at
Students who are New Zealanders and will finish school in 2018, may qualify for a year of fees-free tertiary study or two years of industry training in 2019. Find out more about the eligibility for fees-free
How to check if a student can get fees-free study
 Students can go to and enter their National Student Number (NSN) to check. The majority of secondary school students should receive a 'yes - you are eligible' response. If a student receives a 'we are not sure' response, they may need to provide further information to TEC. The frees-free website will let them know what they need to do. 
How does a student apply for fees-free?
Students don't need to apply for fees-free.Once the student has enrolled, TEC will check the student's details and if eligible, will pay the fees directly to the tertiary education provider or industry training organisation. They can pay up to a maximum of $12,000 incl GST per year. 
Does a student still need to apply to StudyLink?
If a student only needs their fees paid they won't need to apply for a Student Loan unless their fees are over $12,000. If a student wants to apply for a Student Allowance or the living and course-related costs parts of a Student Loan they'll still need to apply to StudyLink. If you've got any further questions you can check out the fees-free website or call the fees-free helpline on 0800 687 775.
Year 13 students should sign up here, Year 13 students sign up to receive the Studylink six-week email series to students. Even if they're not sure what they want to do. If they don't end up getting support from StudyLink, they'll stop sending them emails. There's also a sign up link on the StudyLink homepage.

Keystone Trust Scholarships

Keystone Trust offer scholarships to students studying in the fields of property or careers in this field. See possible careers here well as scholarships, the Keystone Trust can arrange mentoring and internships for students.The scholarships are valued at $5000 a year for three years. are a number of possible careers that can qualify for this scholarship such as engineering, landscape design, urban planning, contruction and property law, to name a few.

Bright Paths E Book

All students in years 10-13 have been emailed this E Book. Bright Paths can help by identifying which jobs in New Zealand have good opportunities for employment and showcase the different ways you can enter each job. Students should read the instruction page and look through the jobs in the primary industry area they feel most interests them. A link to this E book is available on this page in the folder called E books.

The School Leavers Handbook (E Book)

This handy guide is divided into six sections:
  1. Living a balanced life
  2. Planning your week
  3. Reducing stress
  4. Creating a budget
  5. Eating well
  6. Studying smarter
Each section has suggestions of how to achieve these goals as well as a selection of apps that may be of use. This E book folder on this page called E books.

Resilience, Stress and Grit

A short online course is available to complete here-

Auckland University Law

If you are interested in studying law at the University of Auckland you may be interested in viewing this series of videos about what to expect.

University of Auckland Bachelor of Advanced Science

From 2019 Auckland University is offering a new 4 year Honours degree, the BAdvSci. There are 11 specialisations to choose from for this degree and it may be completed as a conjoint. Specilaisations are chemistry, computational biology, computer science, ecology, environmental change, geology, marine science, mathematics, physics, psychology, ststistics. See  There is also a new major for the BSc available- Geographic Information Science and a new green chemical science specialisation.

University of Melbourne Webinars

Students interested in finding out more about courses at the University of Melbourne should look here to see if they have a webinar about the course you are interested in. There are 22 webinars available.

AUT scholarships- changes

AUT is now providing every school leaver with more opportunities to gain a scholarship during their studies. Their School Leavers Scholarships are initially awarded to a student for one year. Scholars who pass all papers and achieve the required level, will be eligible (at the completion of their first year) to apply for the AUT Undergraduate Scholarship, under the same categories to renew their scholarship annually. These scholarships will be contestable each year, so if year 12 wasn’t your best academic year, you will still have an opportunity to apply whist studying at AUT. This gives students the opportunity to apply for scholarships in their second and third years of study as well. Students who are awarded a school leaver scholarship, who also access the governments ‘first year free fees’ can receive remuneration in instalments to their bank account or payment towards accommodation costs.

Auckland University new courses for 2019

There are two new programmes in 2019 at the University of Auckland; the Bachelor of Medical Imaging (Honours), and the Bachelor of Advanced Science (Honours) To read more, head to these links: Medical Imaging Advanced Science 

MoneyHub Scholarship Search - new resource

MoneyHub has launched New Zealand’s first free-to-use scholarships index which details every funding opportunity available to Year 13 students. Available 24/7 on any device, MoneyHub presents scholarships by university, region, company and ethnicity. How-to-apply guidance has also been included, equipping students with everything they need to know.The site can be accessed here.

University of Canterbury- School of Product Design

The School of Product Design at the University of Canterbury offers a Bachelor of Product Design with three majors to choose from:
  • Industrial product design (designing at a human scale - not space stations or bridges)
  • Applied Immersive Game design (so much more than playing games)
  • Chemical, Natural & healthcare product formulation (the only degree of it’s type in Australasia)
  • They are offering 10 UC product Design scholarships of $10000 over two years.
For more information see

Lattitude Global Volunteering- GAP

Lattitude Global Volunteering provides GAP Year and International Volunteering placements to young New Zealanders aged 17 to 25. Students have a choice of 14 different countries and a variety of placement options to choose from. E.g. school assistant, outdoor camp assistant, community worker, English tutor/teacher, medical assistant. Lattitude offers 3-12 month work experience programmes. No experience is necessary and all training, support, food and accommodation is included. Applications for 2019 are closed.

​AFS and Go Kiwi Go GAP Opportunities- Global Competence Certificate (GCC)

AFS and Go Kiwi Go now pair the GCC with all of their 18+ programmes. It consists of a set of online modules and webinar/in-person sessions with a trained facilitator (Chloe Eberly at AFS NZL) alongside the gap experience itself. Designed to support learners participating in an intercultural experience, the GCC builds global competence. 
This brief video explains what the GCC is:

Projects Abroad

Projects Abroad organise short term overseas service trips for 15-18 year old high school students to many countries. The trips are in many different countries and you work in either care and community, building, conservation or medicine. See their website for more information:

Kiwi Flyer Guide to Aviation Training

This guide is available to download at includes information for students interested in a career in aviation. The guide profiles a broad variety of flight training providers and opportunities throughout New Zealand. A copy is also on the Ultranet careers page in the Guides and Information folder

Careers NZ Where To From School E Book

A copy of this new resource is on the school Ultranet careers page in the Guides and Information folder. Students can also download their own copy here.

Teaching Careers

Whether you are interested in Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary teaching have a look at the search engine for the latest information about qualifications available in NZ.

AUT Future Career Sheets

AUT now have 90 career sheet available electronically looking at pathways after study in most areas. These also cover the personal  qualities that may suit your daughter to a particular career and include projected salaries. Have a look and see if what she is planning to study is right for her.See

University Guide Book

A wonderful guide has been collated by Universities NZ which contains information about every university in NZ (pages 10-25), all the degrees on offer and which universities offer them (pages 29-50) and a month by month guide to what to get done and when in your Year 13 year (pages 53-55) as well as other information about student loans and accommodation etc. A pdf version of this guide can be found in the Guides and Information section to the left of this page and is called Thinking About University.

Subject Choices for 2019 for students entering Year 13

Students who are thinking of medical degrees need to read the following before making subject choices for Year 13. There are two universities who offer medical degrees in New Zealand. 
  For Otago only: 
It is recommended students take Level 3 Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Statistics. Calculus and English rich subjects are useful. See 

 For Auckland only: 
There are two options for the first year pathway to medicine, Biomedical Science or Health Science.  

For Health Science, it is recommended that students have completed Level 3 Biology and Chemistry. Students are required to have one Table A (English rich) subject and one Table B subject at Year 13. Table A subjects are Classical Studies, English, Geography, History, History of Art and Te Reo Maori. Table B subjects are Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Digital Technologies, Economics, Physics, Statistics. 

For Biomedical Science there are no subject requirements, from table A/B but it is strongly recommended that students have Level 3 Chemistry, it is recommended they have Level 3 Biology and an English rich subject and it is useful to have studied Level 3 Physics and Mathematics, either Statistics or Calculus. An English-rich subject (Classics, Geography, English, History etc) is recommended for most of Science majors, as there is still some level of writing involved once at university. See   


Picky ( is website for any student that may be considering an apprenticeship. The website is designed to help link employers with people wanting to enter into an apprenticeship. Interested students register for free and complete a profile. Employers can enter a number of search criteria (like the industry type, job location, etc) to search the Picky database for any matching profiles. Employers then make contact directly with their preferred match.

​AUT (Auckland University of Technology)

Useful links for AUT:  

Student Job Search (SJS)

SJS is an online service that helps tertiary students gain work experience and extra money while studying. Secondary school students who are enrolled in tertiary study for 2019, or who have a letter of confirmation from any NZ Tertiary education provider, can use SJS up to 4 months before they start study. 
These links may be useful-

World University Rankings

Students often ask me which university is ‘best’ for a particular subject. I always say that they should look at the stage three papers on offer in the courses they are interested and to also consider where the university is and if they would want to live there for 3-4 years. Students may be interested in this link where they can search the ranking of a particular subject worldwide. I believe all the New Zealand universities are in the top 50-100 for many subjects. Otago was judged to be among the world’s top 10 universities for the study of Sport and sport-related disciplines, placing 7th internationally. This was the highest ranking achieved by any New Zealand university for any subject area in the 2017 rankings.

Otago University

Here are some great sites and resources to help prepare for study at Otago. 
Otago Life Website- includes information about getting prepared academically, services, support, finances and accommodation. page for school students- upcoming events, stories of interest, information about study options and more My Otago First Year (MOFY) website information about:
  • The differences between high school and university
  • What to expect and how to cope
  • Effective study strategies
  • Where to find information
Student Learning Development- advice and support for first years, study skills, time management and writing advice, peer learning and more

Occupational Outlook

If you have no idea what career path to take you may find it useful to look at this website and get the app.  It is a great tool for exploring study and career options, with extensive information on labour supply and demand in over 100 occupations in New Zealand. The app outlines how to enter each role, how many are studying in related fields, how many are employed, and what the average incomes are. It also outlines what are the prospects of getting a job in that occupation once you have completed the qualifications required.

Where To Next?

Careers NZ have put together a range of information sources to help parents and students consider what to do when they leave school. It is called ‘Where To Next’ so have a look.

University Scholarships

There are many undergraduate scholarships that are not specifically for any one NZ university and several for prestigious overseas universities. Many of these applications close on December 1st. Please check the lists at the following link to see if you should consider applying for any of these.

Parents' Guide- Auckland University

Auckland University have written a parents' guide designed to help parents support your daughter’s decision making. It contains many answers to your questions about studying at Auckland University. See: