Emergency Procedure

Marsden has a comprehensive traumatic incident policy which contains guidelines for use in emergency situations.  This policy includes civil defence procedures and plans to provide for students and staff in the event of a disaster.  

In summary:
  • The school has sufficient food and water to provide for students and staff for three days.
  • Sufficient medical supplies, safety and hygiene equipment, emergency blankets and woollen blankets are also available.
  • Safety and evacuation drills involving students are practised on a termly basis.  Staff have specific roles in an emergency and will support students in a disaster situation.
  • The local civil defence centre is St Ninian’s Church and the school will liaise closely with personnel there in the event of an emergency.
  • Students and staff will remain together in the school’s sports centre (alternate venues are available if the sports centre is unsafe) until directed otherwise by Civil Defence or emergency services staff.  No students (including those over 18 years of age) will be permitted to leave the school until collected by a parent or named emergency contact.  Parents can alter contact details at any time and the school has a formal process to review all contact details at the beginning of each year.  It is sensible to have more than one option if possible.

Emergency Contact

If you would like to check the name and details of the person you named as your emergency contact, please phone Jo Sherlock 476 8792 extension 832 or by email to enrol@marsden.school.nz.