Acting co-HODs
Paul Khouri (Y11-13)
Caroline Towell (Y7-10)
Mathematics underpins everyday life for children and adults alike.  Everyone needs a good working knowledge of numbers and the ability to use them.  Without this, life can be very difficult.

Mathematics is also crucial for problem-solving in an increasingly technological society.

Marsden takes Mathematics to a very high standard.  It is compulsory in Years 7 to 11.  In the first three years, where the focus is on numeracy, students are given a good "feel" for numbers and what they can do with them. 

Year 10 students can take NCEA credits and can achieveup to 11 credits for NCEA Level One.

For senior students, Mathematics is optional and specialised, in preparation for further study. Many university courses need or recommend this level of Mathematics.  NCEA is taken to Scholarship level.

Cambridge A Level

Those with a major interest in Mathematics itself or Mathematics-required courses such as Engineering, Architecture, Building Science and the Physical Sciences can take the Cambridge A level course as well.

The course is challenging but interesting and can be  a useful support for many qualifications as well as university study.  Because of its high algebra content, it has restricted entry.
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