Religious Education

Sarah King
Religious Education gives our students an understanding of Christianity and the other main religions of the world, their ethics and values.  If students understand their neighbour's religion and the way they think, that will influence their decision-making. Students have one class a week.

As an Anglican school, it is vital to us that we maintain an understanding of the underlying ethos of the Anglican faith whilst at the same time developing a greater appreciation and understanding of our fellow Christians and believers in the other Great World faiths.  In all our teaching and engaging we encourage the Five Strand approach:  an appreciation of the Bible and Christian tradition, Ethics, Philosophy of religion and thinking skills, and Stillness and Silence.
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Years 7-8

Students build up the global view and understanding of the various faiths.

Year 9

Students look at the times in our lives when faith and religion show us the milestones on our personal journeys through life.

Year 10

Students study a course on Spirituality.

Year 11

Students follow a course based on Ethics and Religion, as well as Philosophy of Religion which includes discussions on the proof of God's existence and the problem of evil in the world.

Years 12 and 13

Students are introduced to studies such as Christology, Fundamentalism, Relics (the Turin Shroud), new religious movements, and Liberation Theological approaches such as feminist thinking and attitudes to the poor.