Sarah Wirth
Head of Technology 
Textile Technology
Wendy Carroll
Dean Middle School
Food Technology
Jane Hazelton
Associate Dean Middle School
Food Technology
Callie Ballara
Digital Technology /
Gifted & Talented Programme
Paul Khouri
Digital Technology
We know that students must be confident with the latest technologies as they develop in the 21st century. Because of our wide reach into technology, we give our students the chance to create innovative solutions to real world problems. 

Our younger pupils accept computers as part of their learning, techniques such as PowerPoint and podcasting are everyday tools and the latest netbooks enhance their library research.

The Upper School uses hardware and software tools which include digital video and audio production, web design, game development, robotics and programming. We encourage our senior students to bring in digital devices to enhance their learning experience.

Our Learning Management System - Ultranet, allows students 24 hour access to school programmes and resources from anywhere in the world.
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