"Imagination is the source of every form of human achievement." Sir Ken Robinson

Art encourages creativity, independent thinking and risk-taking. We want you to develop your critical understanding of the culture of Aotearoa, its place in the world. Digital processes and traditional art processes combine, giving you the opportunity to explore new and exciting ways of creating art.
Unique to Marsden is our Artist in Residence programme which provides a working artist with studio space for five weeks, enabling them to complete a body of work and run workshops with the girls, culminating in an exhibition at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery.

Year 7 and 8

In Year 7 you use a range of media and processes, learning about line, tone and colour and exploring methods of drawing, printmaking, designing and working in three dimensions. In Year 8 there is a major focus on Māori art, including kowhaiwhai, taniko, tukutuku patterns and their meanings. You will create your own lanterns as part of Wellington’s celebration of Matariki.

Year 9

Digital processes and traditional art processes are combined as you explore new and exciting ways of creating art. Art ideas are introduced through the study of artists, their work, and their practice. Exploration of cultural and historical differences is continued and you become aware of the process involved in developing ideas from drawings through to a resolved artwork.

Year 10

Art celebrates multiple perspectives, teaching you there are many ways to see and interpret the world. Across both semesters you will gain confidence and essential skills in preparation for senior studies in Art, Design and Photography.

Pushing Paint, Pulling Prints (half-year option)You will develop a body of art work based around a social and environmental inquiry, with cross-curricular links to other subject areas, developing skills in a variety of media. You will spend time with the Artist-in-Residence and experience the buzz of preparing for our major exhibition.

Pixels and Sculpture (half-year option)You will get to develop your photography and digital design skills as well as creating and exhibiting site specific sculptural installations, constructed in response to a variety of environmental provocations.

Year 11

In this course you will investigate art and artworks by contemporary artists, which reflect Māori and European influences and contexts, as well as investigating art making ideas. You will explore artistic conventions in the generation and development of your own work across the fields of drawing, painting, print-making and photography. In Terms 3 and 4 you will develop a portfolio of work which is submitted for external assessment. Digital processes and image making are an integral part of the practical art-making process and are used to extend the range and depth of your ideas and thinking.

Year 12 and 13

At the senior level our courses engage students in extending their understanding of the language of Visual Arts, while encouraging creative and independent thinking and risk-taking in the pursuit of excellence.

Level 12 Painting, Design and Photography
Level 2 courses are a direct preparation for the individual Level 3 Visual Arts courses at Year 13. Each consists of two internally assessed achievement standards and, either, a digital video portfolio or a two-panel folio, submitted for external assessment at the end of the year.

Year 12 Painting (Option)
You will undertake a wide-ranging study of processes and procedures in drawing and are introduced to a variety of working methods in painting media. You will produce an individual body of work as a project informed by concepts, processes and the work of established artists.

Year 12 Design (Option)
You will build expertise in the use of drawing and digital editing software as widely used in the graphic and digital design industry. You will develop a series of design projects based on concepts of researchinto the work of established artists as well as your own interests.

Year 12 Photography – Painting with Light (Option)
This course is designed to give you a solid foundation in the technical skills and elements of design necessary for making elegant and meaningful images with a camera. You will learn about camera controls, painting with light in the lighting studio, as well as digital processing and image manipulation with Photoshop. You will be guided to explore and analyse established and contemporary photographers and use the research in the development of your own portfolios of work. You will need a digital SLR camera with manual options. Film cameras are available through the Art department for analogue explorations. Other related course costs total approximately $350.

Level 3 Painting, Design and Photography
At Level 3 Painting, Design and Photography are offered as three separate subject options. These courses provide the necessary background for students who are considering a tertiary education pathway leading to the creative industry sector through a study in Fine Arts, Design, Photography or Architecture. You will work within the conventions of your selected field in developing an individual body of work, engage in activities that critically reflect on and evaluate your own and others’ art-making practice. You will also undertake an in-depth study of established and contemporary artists working within your chosen field. The prerequisite for study at Level 3 is Level 2 Visual Arts or similar. A Level 1 Visual Art qualification only may be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Year 13 Painting (Option)
You will be assessed on your practical skill and understanding of at least one established form of painting. This occurs through a variety of work consisting of drawing notes, developed sequences of drawings, small works and finished compositions which show how practical ideas and the relationship between such ideas, methods, materials and forms are developed, clarified and resolved. We focus on developing your ability to develop ideas and generate solutions.

Year 13 Design (Option)
You will be assessed on your ability to undertake design projects in which the design problem is clearly defined and solutions are effectively communicated through drawings, models and finished artwork. Fields of study include an investigation of typography, image editing and manipulation, illustration and layout design, all in the context of a theme or topic of your own choice.

Year 13 Photography (Option)
You are encouraged to select areas of photographic practice which are of personal interest in response to a variety of motivations and pictorial concerns. You will develop a thematic study of your selected subject matter which demonstrates your ability to develop ideas, generate and regenerate multiple solutions and which shows a sound understanding of photography as picture making. You will be introduced to aspects of installation practice and produce a body of work for your final submission by portfolio or by digital moving image and workbook submission. Equipment requirements are as for Level 2 Photography.
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