Searching for Tertiary Scholarships


givME  (formerly Breakout) is the database of awards, scholarships and grants for people in New Zealand.  givME has scholarships for school, polytechnic or travel grants; sports and arts schemes; personal grants; personal development funds; academic and non-academic funding.

Their database will help you find the funding schemes relevant to you and what you want to do. 

Click on this link to start a search.

Money Hub

MoneyHub has launched New Zealand’s first free-to-use scholarships index which details every funding opportunity available to Year 13 students. Available 24/7 on any device, MoneyHub presents scholarships by university, region, company and ethnicity.

Access their database here.

Study Spy

 Study Spy Find scholarships and compare courses in New Zealand

GrowingNZ scholarship search engine

Scholarships to help you fund your future. Click this link.

Auckland University Guide to Scholarships

Prime Minister's Athlete Scholarship

The Prime Minister’s Scholarship Programme helps emerging athletes to pursue tertiary study and elite-level sport development at the same time.