After School Club (MASC)

MASC is the Marsden After School Club, our after school care programme for Year 1- 8 students and their siblings. Children of Marsden staff are also welcome to enrol in the programme. 

A trained supervisor provides high quality care on a day to day basis, with oversight from the Director of Primary School. Our staff ratios are 1:10 with a minimum of two carers on site at all times. Marsden School's Year 13 girls will also help out as Assistant Supervisors, bringing with them special skills the students will enjoy, eg sport, art etc.

Our Programme

MASC is held in the Marsden Primary School with the playground, courts, playing fields and upper school facilities being available depending on the activity.
The MASC programme has a variety of activities on offer, to suite the age group and energy levels of the students. There is a designated homework session each day, so your child's work is tackled by the time they get home. There are also opportunities to take part in art and craft sessions, as well as being physically active and having down time. A healthy afternoon tea is provided.

How to Enrol

Please enrol online using the button below:

Daily structure

MASC runs Monday to Friday from 3:15pm - 6pm during term time. There are two session options from 3:15pm to 4:30pm or from 3:15pm to 6pm. We also run a holiday programme.
3:15pm–4:00pm   Free play, afternoon tea
4:00pm–4:30pm   Homework session
4:30pm–5:30pm   Activity time: arts and crafts, games, sports, toys etc.
5:30pm–6:00pm   Wind down time

Attendance and Fees

Students can attend part-time or full time and half sessions or full sessions. Casual places may be available depending on space.

Fee structure

We ask that you book at the start of term if possible although we will take enrolments part way through the term as long as spaces are available. Fees will be disbursed to the student's account at the start of the term and the fee structure is as follows:

3:15pm–4:00pm   $15
3:15pm–6:00pm   $23
3:15pm–6:00pm   $25 (casual)Holiday Programme   $55 per day
Third child free if all three siblings attend.


Please contact our Primary Administrator, Jo Sherlock on (04)476 8792 ext 853 or email if you have any queries 

Holiday Programme

Details will be publicised during preceding term.