Marsden Primary

Marsden Primary Director
Senior Primary Teacher

Academic Overview

At Marsden Primary we have students who are motivated to learn and are well prepared for lessons. Our effective teaching means that they settle quickly to work, show good levels of task behaviour and skills in self management. 

Classrooms are productive environments where students cooperate well and enjoy learning. We foster the innate curiosity of young children and enable them to develop the love of learning which is essential for their future success and happiness.

The New Zealand curriculum underpins the holistic approach to learning at Marsden Primary. In the early years, the major focus is literacy and numeracy and this matches the focus in many international settings. Our Mathematics teaching is based on the carefully researched and highly successful Numeracy Project. In addition, Science, Social Sciences, Technology and Visual Arts are taught as part of the classroom programme.

Specialists teach Health and Physical Education, Music and Languages. Each class also has a weekly session with the Primary Librarian in our well-equipped Library.

After six years in the Marsden Primary, girls are well-prepared for intermediate or Upper School, secure in the knowledge that they are well known and their needs understood.
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