School Uniform can be purchased from the Uniform Shop located in the Marsden Village.  See uniform page.

Whole Year

  • Raincoat
  • Tunic Dress
  • Jersey or Cardigan
  • Coverall/paint shirt
  • Blazer
  • Shoes - plain black leather lace-ups, t-bar or single strap shoes (patent leathernot acceptable, not are black 'trainer' type)
  • School bag


  • Marsden white short sleeved blouse
  • White ankle socks (fold over, not sports socks)
  • Marsden sunhat for playground
  • Straw hat for travelling to and from school
  • House tee-shirt (Fitzherbert, Innes, Sprott)
Wearing a regulation sunhat is compulsory every day in summer terms for all children in the playground. Please note straw hats are part of the 'dress' uniform and should not be worn in the playground.


  • Marsden white long sleeved blouse
  • Plain black opaque tights
  • Marsden tie


  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Beanie

Sports Uniform

  • Marsden PE Shorts
  • Marsden sports shirt
  • Sports shooes
  • White sports socks
  • School swimming togs
  • School tracksuit
  • School gym bag
Every item must be clearly labelled with pupil's name. Clothing and school/gym bags should be named on the inside.

No jewellery except a small simple watch may be worn to school. If ears are pierced, only gold or silver studs may be worn. No coloured nail polish or makeup is to be worn.

Correct uniform and neat appearance is expected at all times. Hair longer than collar length must be tied back with brown or black elastic, green ribbons, green/tortoiseshell headband, or a tortoiseshell clip. Correct sports uniform is also expected at all times. 

Shirts must be the Marsden school uniform ones and worn buttoned at the neck. Coats are to be worn done up. Scarves may be worn only with coats or blazers. The straw panama is a compulsory part of the summer uniform and should be worn to and from school.

Blazers must be worn to all 'special occasions'. 

The School Uniform Shop has a wide range of quality secondhand items available.

Year 6 students are fitted for their Year 7 uniform in Term 4. Parents will be informed of the exact date for your child.