Catherine Ferguson

Inducted 2014
Student at Marsden:  1970– 1977 (Std 4/Year 6) -  Form 7/Year 13)
Receives this award in recognition of her achievement as a medical specialist in otolaryngology in both the private and public sectors in the New Zealand community.

After working as an ear nose and throat surgeon in many large national hospitals she returned to Wellington as a part-time consultant in the Hospital, and to run her own practice.
In 2006 she became the Chair of the New Zealand National Board of the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons. She was the first woman to hold this position, and the youngest. She acknowledges that the gender balance in the profession is far from even, with only 7 % of surgeons being women.

Cathy is happy to be seen as a role model “women can succeed in any branch of surgery and they can also take leadership roles in teaching, research and college affairs. However there are still challenges of finding balance and the time to have a family while maintaining skills and honouring on- call commitments[1]

[1]First Woman Chair for College of Surgeons - Scoop Stories  (27/8/2013) article archived