Helen Ferner

Inducted 2014
Student at Marsden: 1971 - 1977 (Form 1/Year7) – Upper VIth/Year 13)
This award recognizes Helen Ferner’s contribution to the engineering profession through her expertise in structural and civil engineering and project management. Having gained 10 years of experience especially in seismic analysis and design in California, Helen returned to Wellington to put this knowledge to good use on a number of projects.
Helen’s interest in project management developed though her personal need to see the wider picture of a project, not just separate parts. She likes to complete her projects on time, within budget and with the least disruption to the community.

In April 2014, Helen was elected a fellow of IPENZ for her contribution to the application of engineering to the community. Apart from her engineering expertise this recognized her contribution to the development of Zealandia through the design of the predator-free fence. Her interest in community affairs continues through her interest the design of urban spaces for young people.