Claudia Batten

Inducted 2009
This award recognizes the business acumen of Claudia Batten in developing computer software that downloads advertising into online video games.  She and her business partners formed the international company Massive Inc. which was sold to Microsoft in 2006.
Leaving school in 1992, Claudia completed a Law degree with honours and a Commerce degree in Marketing and Management. She worked as a corporate lawyer in the Auckland office of Russell McVeagh specialising in contracts and technology law.  She advised both the customers and the suppliers of companies on technology supply, licensing and outsourcing.
Moving to New York with her husband she continued legal work but combined it with business development fundraising and public relations.
In partnership with two Australians and a fellow kiwi she was involved in developing software which would download real-time advertising into the background features of video games while the user was online.

Finding this niche market was the key, but convincing large corporations that this was an innovative way to bring their product under the constant gaze of young Americans was more difficult.

Working on a very small budget, the team worked long hours to win companies such as Honda and Coca Cola as customers. As their company Massive Inc grew so did the Microsoft’s awareness of their success. In 2006 Massive was sold to Microsoft and Claudia is currently part of the Senior Management team as Vice President, Client Relations.

With her ethic of hard work and with a wide variety of skills Claudia was confident of the eventual success of Massive. She regards herself as a New Zealander and has joined the New Zealand Board of Trade and Enterprise’s Beachhead advisory group which connects New Zealand companies to an international network of advisors to provide valuable contacts, experience and expertise in specific markets. She has recently given feedback on the NZTE’s Digital Strategy 2.0

In 2014 Claudia won the supreme award at the World Class New Zealand Awards. See Stuff article