Criteria for Marsden Hall of Fame Laureates

Marsden Old Girls are making their their mark on the world!

Rosalba Finnerty
School Archivist
In all areas of Arts, Community, Culture, Sport, Science, Health, Business and the Environment they contribute to and enhance our lives. We want to celebrate those who have achieved prominence not only in business but in all other areas of endeavour. 

Do you know an Old Girl who could be considered for the Marsden Hall of Fame? 
If so, please check the criteria below and email Rosalba Finnerty.

Qualities of a Marsden Hall of Fame Laureate Criteria to be used for nomination

Candidate/s to be Old Girls of Samuel Marsden Collegiate School, Karori
  • Has achieved considerable prominence in her chosen field e.g. Arts, Sports, Health, Science or in Service to the Community
  • Number of years at Marsden
  • The candidate’s acknowledgement of the importance of Marsden in her life. 
  • This Award may be made posthumously. 

Role Model
  • Willingness to participate in and support the ethos of Marsden.
  • To be an inspirational model to Marsden students.
  • To be available to mentor and advise Marsden students within their chosen field when in Wellington.

  • To have demonstrated the qualities of leadership in their chosen field.
  • Consideration of the risks/ opportunities taken and their consequences.

Risk/ Opportunity
  • Recognising and responding to risks and opportunities in their chosen field 
  • Demonstrated courage in taking on significant challenges

Public recognition
  • Recognition and respect from the community within their chosen field
  • Recognition through a high media profile
  • Recognition through Civil list Awards for Business Activity
  • Recognition through other Awards 

  • Consideration of candidate’s contribution to the community and to the country.