Epro8 Challenge

On the night of July the 29th, myself, Jessica Kenyon, Phoebe Morrah and Lizzie Stewart all ended up at Raroa Intermediate. Why? Because we’d been selected to compete in the interschool EPRO8 challenge. In this challenge, we were to work with electronics and structural design, being careful not to have our buildings fall over.

We had a station to ourselves full of joiners, nuts and bolts, metal rods, wires, a battery pack, some switches and other bits and bobs. We’d been given a set amount of time, and a booklet of activities. Off to a great start, we began our crane. We started on the structure, using metal rods to form a lopsided triangle so it didn’t collapse.

I remember clearly that it was our group that made the robot glitch as we tried to get the so-called Uranium, Titanium and Plutanium into the ‘Safe Zone’ using teamwork. We did pretty well though, and came ninth in the end.

Later, on the 12th of August, our friends Samantha Lloyd-Evans, Leila Barber, Lucy Hegan and Ilona Mackinnon went to their competition in Hataitai, ending up fifth with the tips we’d given them.

Overall, it was a great learning experience and I recommend giving it a chance if you have the opportunity. - Genevieve Austin