2017 Student Leaders

Congratulations to our 2017 student leaders announced at assembly today, in particular our new Head Girl Harriett Morrow, Deputy Neakiry Kivi and your leadership team, we know you will do a fantastic job. Thank you also to this year's Head Girl, Nina Richardson, Deputy Maya Duckworth and your outgoing committee, you are a hard act to follow! (17/10/2016)

Position Student
Head Girl Harriett Morrow
Deputy Head Girl Neakiry Kivi
School Sacristan
Laura Stewart
Head of Service
Imogen Norling 
House Captain of Baber Tessa Aitken
House Captain of Hadfield Beere Sariya McGrath
House Captain of Jellicoe Caroline Enright
House Captain of Johnson Grace Harvey
House Captain of Richmond Meggie Morrison
House Captain of Swainson Riddiford Lily Marsh
Head of Primary School  Olivia Hausmann
Chair of School Council
Milly Brunel
Head of Events and Activities
Annabelle Skinner Evers
Sports Captain
Jessie Jamieson
Cultural Captain
Sasha Ang

Deputy Heads  Students
Deputy Head of Primary Maddie Ferrier
Deputy Head of Events and Activities  Hannah O'Connor
Deputy Chair School Council Georgia Karantze 
Deputy Head of Service Carly Wakeling 
Deputy Cultural Captain
Sarah May
Deputy Sports Captain 
Ruby Leverington

Deputy House Captains Student
Baber Stella Grubi
  Lucy Preston
Hadfield Beere Camryn Roberts
  Lara Strong
Jellicoe Gina Chamberlain
  Tayla Dayal
Johnson Christy Robinson
  Bailey Yee
Richmond  Martine Cantin-Buckley
  Claudia Cunningham
Swainson Riddiford Gothami Jayasingha
  Tanya Kohli

Position Student 
School Council Secretary Christine Cho
School Council Treasurer Brigitte Russell
Head Librarian Hannah Ward
Head of Music
Rachel Mair
School Artists
Laura Huijser and Ashley Parker
School Photographers
Georgia Beatson and Amelia Jordan


Music Committee Student
Heads of Altissime Sarah May
School Pianist Harriett Morrow
Leaders of Symphony Sasha Ang and Sarah Philp Wright
Leaders of Handbells Alex McKendry and Emily Young
Leader of Rock Band Jessica Seow
Leaders of Ad Summa Chorale Neakiry Kivi, Rachel Mair and Laura Stewart
Leaders of Barbershop Meggie Morrison and Milly Brunel


Sports Committee Student 
Head of Athletics and X Country Imogen Skelton
Head of Badminton TBC
Head of Basketball Amanda Chisnall
Head of Cricket Tayla Dayal
Heads of Dragon Boating TBC
Head of Equestrian Georgia Beatson
Head of Football Caroline Enright
Head of Futsal Caitlin Bowden
Head of Handball Bailey Yee
Heads of Hockey Katie Reed
Head of Junior Hockey Charlotte McManus and Emily Young
Heads of Netball Hannah O'Connor
Heads of Junior Netball Olivia Hausmann
Heads of Lacrosse Samantha Huang and Olivia Hartshorne
Head of Rowing Ruby Leverington
Head of Shooting Georgia Karantze and Luisa Kristen
Head of Swimming Laura Stewart
Head of Tennis Christy Robinson
Head of Touch Rugby
Brigitte Russell
Head of Underwater Hockey Briana Woodward
Head of Volleyball Tessa Aitken
Head of Water polo Jessie Jamieson

Role Student
Head of Debating
Sariya McGrath 
Head of Drama
Lara Strong
Heads of Environment Committee
Olivia Hartshorne and Lucy Hornabrook
Heads of Humanitarian Committee
Martine Cantin-Buckley and Kate Sinclair
ICT Team Leaders Sohpie Whitehead and Alex Wilkins Phear
Heads of International Club
Vivian Gan and Sarah May
Head of International Students
Bing Qin Cai and Jade Yu
Heads of Languages Committee
Samantha Huang (Chinese), Amanda Chisnall (German)
and Briana Woodward (French)
Head of Marsden Feminists  Martine Cantin-Buckley and Imogen Norling 
Heads of Mathematics Committee
Luisa Kristen and Alexandra McKendry
Head of Peer Tutoring
Olivia Martin, Brittany Chapman and 
Anne Metcalf-MacDonald 
Heads of Science Committee
Anna Harding and Melissa Huang
Heads of Social Media Group
Teesha Bhasin and Kristi Fitness
Head of Technical Production 
Hannah Ward 

Primary School Form Monitors:
Teesha Bhasin
Millie Calcott
Lucy Craig
Gothami Jayasinha
Anne Metcalf-Macdonald
Ashley Parker
Sophie Wickens
Briana Woodward
Emily Young

Year 7 – 9 Form Monitors
Gina Chamberlain
Amanda Chisnall
Tayla Dayal
Kristi Fitness
Olivia Hartshorne
Lucy Hornabrook
Melissa Huang
Samantha Huang
Laura Huijser
Georgia Karantze
Tanya Kohli
Luisa Kristen
Katie Reed
Christy Robinson
Kate Sinclair
Bailey Yee