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Technical Production
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Lighting Workshop

Every second year, we ask Lighthaus, a subsidiary of MJF Lighting, to run four workshops with our girls. Supported by grants from the Marsden Parents’ Association and the Old Girls’ Association, this series of four workshops in Term 2 teaches our students the basics of lighting design and then allows them to develop practical skills in rigging and implementing a set design, in time for our major production.We are also fortunate to have the support of Old Girl Eddie Fraser-Hoskin, who now works as a freelance lighting designer, to support our student-led technical team in the lead up to the major production.

Additional Opportunities for Student Leadership

In addition to lighting, we also have student-led teams leading the major production.Students run the backstage crew, sound, hair and makeup teams, Front of House and in 2015 we had a student-led costume team and two students working in conjunction with a professional choreographer.In Stage Challenge, it is a student run event, therefore students have roles such as production managers, choreographers, lighting and costume designers, set designers and so on, with a liaison teacher as a support and mentor.