2015 Junior Cultural Award Winners

This special assembly on Monday 9 November acknowledged the cultural achievements of our Year 7-10 students.

Fenn Braithwaite
Jemma Chester
Shambhavi Choudhury
Mollie Dewar
Anna Featherstone Wright
Olivia Fox
Anjali Gentejohann
Jemma Henneveld

Kate Dobson
Annabelle Jessop
Courtney King
Isabella Warner

Tegan Martin
Katie Morrison
Hannah Smith

For Achievement in Dance:
Katie Morrison
Emily Stewart

For Technical Production Assistance:
Mila Ballara
Frankie Kraavyanger
Sophia McCarthy

Jemma Chester Grade 3 singing with Merit
Ingrid Corbett Grade 2 singing
Annabelle Jessop for Grade 4 singing
Jessica Kenyon, Grade 4 ‘cello with Distinction

Contribution to assembly music:
Briana King

Junior Cultural Cup (donated by Mr John Dalgety and Ms Ursula Evans):
This is for a student who has shown considerable involvement in a range of cultural activities and is awarded in 2015 to Annabelle Jessop.

Junior Colours:

The following students were awarded Junior Colours at the Cultural Awards Evening last term

Lara Flannery
Anabel Jamieson (Dance and Music)
Thomasin McKenzie
Jemma Chester
Anabel Jamieson
Annabelle Jessop

Winner of the Nell Clere Music Scholarship
Jessica Kenyon

Highly Commended
Anabel Jamieson

Performances at assembly by:

The Larks (Year 7-9 Choir) and the Year 7 band.
Solo performances by Jessica Kenyon (Year 8) on the ‘cello and Anabel Jamieson (Year 7) who sang and a speech by Year 10 actress Thomasin McKenzie.

Special guests:
Thank you to our special guests Dame Kate Harcourt, DNZM, Mr John Dalgety and Ms Ursula Evans