What is expected of your child?

At Marsden we expect a high standard of behaviour at all times.
  • Students are expected to treat all other persons within the school with respect.
  • Students are expected to treat the school grounds and buildings with care and consideration.
  • Students are expected to treat all school property and property of other pupils with respect and care.
  • Students should acknowledge all staff and visitors in school and in the grounds and stand to welcome them when in class.
  • Students are expected to behave in an orderly manner in all areas of the school.
  • Money and valuables should not be brought to school.
  • Behaviour on the buses and in the streets must be quiet, orderly and inconspicuous.
  • Children travelling on public transport must stand when seats are required by adults.
  • The school uniform must be worn correctly at all times.
By the time our students complete Year 6 we expect them to:
  • Be self-reliant and independent.
  • Act responsibly.
  • Use discussion and compromise to resolve conflicts.
  • Set personal goals and be reflective.
  • Consider the viewpoints and feelings of others.
  • Work cooperatively.
  • Interact easily with adults.
  • Maintain close friendships without excluding others.
It may be necessary in the event of persistent misbehaviour for staff to speak to the parents for the purpose of a cooperative approach. 

At all times behaviour modification must be based on positive reinforcement.


The School has a formal policy on discipline which includes specific guidelines for behaviour modification. Staff will discuss behaviour concerns with parents should they arise. It is essential for behaviour modification initiatives at school to be backed up at home, although it is important to separate school and home issues and resolve specific issues separately.