Addresses & Emergencies

Address Lists

The school publishes a School Directory at the beginning of each year, which includes parent and child contact details. Permission to be included in this is requested as part of the Enrolments procedure.

Parent coordinators from each class produce class phone lists.

Please let Jo Sherlock know within your child's first week if you do NOT wish to be included in these lists.

It is very important that all changes of address and phone numbers be notified to Jo Sherlock as soon as possible.

Emergency Procedures

The Primary School regularly carries out earthquake and fire drills so that the children are familiar with the routines.

As part of our preparedness, all families are asked to contribute two items of food a year per child, to be kept at School and used in an emergency - details are notified in the January edition of Ad Summa, sent to each household and also available on this site under Info Express/Ad Summa

Fire drills will be monitored by the Fire Service or relevant agency on a regular basis.

If your child requires medication for a particular condition eg: asthma, you are asked to provide an inhaler with explicit instructions. It is the parent's responsibility to provide the medication. Any serious medical condition should be discussed with the School Nurse and the Director of Marsden Primary.

In the event of an accident, parents/caregivers will be contacted as soon as possible by the School Nurse or a teacher. If it is judged necessary, your child will be taken to the Karori Medical Centre or Hospital for treatment.

Children may carry a mobile phone for emergency use but this may not be used during a normal school day.