Community, Coordinators & Communication

The Marsden School Parents' Association

All parents automatically become members of the Marsden Parents' Association. Joining the committee and attending monthly meetings is an ideal way to make new friends in the Marsden community. The association is particularly keen to have more parents representing Primary School - so think about joining. Contact details can be found here.

Class Coordinators

The Class Coordinators liaise between the teacher and the parent community and arrange for additional help for trips or classroom activities. They encourage the integration of new parents into the Marsden community. They can arrange morning teas, parent evenings or other gatherings. There is a form that will be issued in the first few days where you may indicate your interest.


Info Express, the weekly web link sent by email will detail upcoming events and notify you of any changes to plans. It is important that you look at this each week. Here is the link to the Primary Info Express page.