Learning Support

Phone: 476 8792, ext 852
In order for students to maximise their learning, some additional support may be required to address difficulties with decoding and processing. Learning Support is available at Marsden for students who have been identified as having such needs. Marsden’s Learning Support teacher, Lorraine Offord, works with small groups of students who have identified learning difficulties.  As of 2016, Marsden is also working in partnership with the company Learning Support whose teachers are able to deliver one-on-one interventionist tutoring at Marsden with an expectation of follow-up home-based practice of skills.

Up to one lesson per week is available free of charge to students for Marsden Learning Support with our specialist teacher Mrs Lorraine Offord.  Timetabling and grouping decisions will be made by her with the constraints of the timetable and the optimisation of learning for all students taken into account. Tutoring is available for students who have been identified through diagnostic testing as having specific additional learning needs.

Through small group tuition or occasional individual lessons, Mrs Offord helps students unpack the requirements of their everyday learning, building confidence and providing them with useful strategies to enhance their understanding and writing skills.  Short term support may also be offered to small class groups with the intention of improving a specific skill.  Diagnostic assessment is available.

The timetable for Learning Support is worked out by the Learning Support teacher. It may involve a timetable rotation (ie missing a different class each week) or it may mean the regular missing of a non-assessed subject, such as Religious Education. It may vary from term to term. Learning Support timetables will be drawn up at the start of the year and you will be advised of your daughter’s programme.

Students seeking more than one Learning Support lesson per week with the Marsden specialist teacher, will be charged at $60 per additional one-on-one lesson.  These additional lessons are offered subject to timetable availability.

Tutors from Learning Support will deliver hour-long customised one-on-one tutoring at school. The timing of the lessons is agreed between the external tutor and the student’s family in consultation with the school.  Lessons may occur out of class time, such as after school or lunchtime or during lesson time. Tutoring includes a learning needs analysis, assessment, strategies and a teaching plan that is shared with the student’s teachers. Learning Support charge $60 per lesson and the invoice for services will come directly from Learning Support. 

Please refer to the Learning Support website to find out more about their organisation. (www.learningsupport.co.nz) or contact kimanderson@learningsupport.co.nz if you wish to discuss this further.

Some families may wish to work with both the Learning Support organisation and the Marsden Learning Support teacher. Where students are shared, there is sharing of data and programmes. Tutors at Learning Support will keep the school fully appraised of students’ progress.

Special Assessment Conditions

Students who have been assessed as requiring Special Assessment Conditions for NCEA – or who will be seeking such support in the future, are expected to be part of a regular and ongoing learning support programme.  Special Assessment Conditions (SACs) include using a reader-writer or computer for NCEA internal and external assessment. 

Signing Up for Learning Support

If you would like to request Learning Support at Marsden with our specialist teacher for 2016 or if you wish to amend preferences that you have already made, please contact our Learning Support teacher Lorraine.offord@marsden.school.nz  or phone her on 476 8792, extension 852. 

If you are interested in using the external tutors, please contact kimanderson@learningsupport.co.nz. A mutually suitable time may be arranged once your daughter’s class timetable is available. 

If you have any further queries, you are also welcome to contact Margaret Adeane, Academic Director Margaret.adeane@marsden.school.nz or 4768792, ext 821.