2016 Student Leaders

Congratulations to all the girls with leadership positions for next year, and in particular our Head Girls' Committee, we know you will do a fantastic job. Thank you also to our outgoing committee, you have done a wonderful job!

Position Student
Head Girl Nina Richardson
Deputy Head Girl Maya Duckworth
Head of Houses Megan Flannery
Chair of School Council Eleanor Schwer
School Sacristan Caitlin Cresswell
Sports Capitan Tamara Warmerdam
Cultural Captain Tessa Dalgety-Evans 
Head of Senior School Alex Buchanan
Head of Upper School Betty-Alice Orr-McFaull 
Head of Middle School Molly McDouall
Head of Primary School  Laura Albiston

Deputy Heads  Students
Deputy Cultural Captain
Shan Boekholt 
Deputy Sports Captain 
Ella Vincent-Hyde 
Assistant Sacristan Nicole Chan 
Deputy Head of Houses
Charlotte Stephen
Alisha Rajasekar
Olivia Smith 
Annabel Johnstone 
Sarah Goddard 
School Council Deputy Chairman    
Madhurima Guthpe      
Secretary  Arielle Edwards-Brown
Treasurer Justina Koh

House Position Student
Baber Deputy HC Julia Gluyas
  Deputy HC Ella Taylor
  House Captain Ella Vincent-Hyde
Hadfield Beere Deputy HC Sarah Goddard
  Deputy HC Greta Morrison
  House Captain Mia Vinaccia
Jellicoe Deputy HC Olivia Hooper
  Deputy HC Rosie Wall
  House Captain Laura Heycoop
Johnson Deputy HC Octavia Mercer
  Deputy HC Summer O'Dwyer 
  House Captain Jamie Yee
Richmond  Deputy HC Jessica Marett
  Deputy HC Olivia McCormack 
Swainson Riddiford Deputy HC Shan Boekholt
  Deputy HC  Alexandra Moffat
  House Captain Victoria O'Keeffe

Position Student 
Head Librarian Madhurima Guthpe
Deputy Head Librarians Lucy Berger and Olivia Su
Head of Music
Dana King
Deputy Head of Music
Mia Vinaccia
School Artists
Isabella Chaytor-Waddy and Tallulah Farrar
School Photographers
Ellie Jonassen and Brooke Tunley
Heads of Debating
Alice Harrison and Madhurima Guthpe
Heads of Stage Challenge
Laura Heycoop and Octavia Mercer
Head of Drama
Summer O’Dwyer
Head of Peer Tutoring Stephenie Heng and Jade Young
Magazine Editor/School Newspaper team
Isabella Chaytor-Waddy, Julia Gluyas, 
Greta Morrison and Brooke Tunley
Head of Technical Production
Alexandra Moffat
Heads of Environment Committee
Sofia Letteri
Heads of Humanitarian Committee
Claudia Scott and Annabelle Shanks
Heads of International Club
Stephanie Pan and Arielle Edwards-Brown
Head of International Students
Sarah Kong
Heads of Languages Committee
Sarah Milliken and Emma Wong
Heads of Mathematics Committee
Stephenie Heng and Alicja Nowajka
Heads of Science Committee
Krissy Blom and Miria Chin
Heads of Social Media Group
Kayleigh Besseling and Alice Harrison


Music Committee Student
Head of Music Dana King
Deputy Head of Music Mia Vinaccia
Heads of Altissime Caitlin Cresswell and Dana King
School Pianist Shan Boekholt
Leaders of Symphony Tessa Dalgety-Evans and Sasha Ang
Leaders of Handbells Lucy Berger, Justina Koh, Olivia Su and Isabella Yu
Leader of Rock Band Jessica Seow
Leader of Flute Group Bira Renai
Leaders of Ad Summa Chorale Tessa Dalgety-Evans, Tallulah Farrar and Mia Vinaccia
Leaders of Barbershop Cailtin Cresswell, Maya Duckworth and Dana King
Leaders of Live Wires
Neakiry Kivi and Harriet Morrow


Sports Committee Student 
Sports Captain Tamara Warmerdam
Deputy Sports Captain Ella Vincent Hyde
Head of Athletics Eleanor Schwer
Head of Badminton Isabella Yu
Head of Basketball Amanda Chisnell
Head of Cricket Charlotte McManus
Head of Cross Country Ruby Leverington
Head of Cycling Ruby Straughier
Heads of Dance Julia Gluyas and Octavia Mercer
Head of Equestrian Sofia Letteri
Head of Football Ella Vincent Hyde
Head of Futsal Ella Vincent Hyde
Head of Gymnastics  Shan Boekholt
Head of Handball Laura Albiston
Heads of Senior Hockey Julia Gluyas and Victoria O'Keeffe
Head of Junior Hockey Sarah Goddard
Heads of Senior Netball Laura Albiston and Tamara Warmerdam
Heads of Junior Netball Stacey Hardman and Livi Smith
Heads of Lacrosse Krissy Blom and Arielle Edwards Brown
Head of Rowing Annabel Johnstone
Head of Shooting Summer O'Dwyer
Head of Swimming Megan Flannery
Head of Table Tennis Molly McDouall
Head of Tennis Christy Robinson
Head of Underwater Hockey Holly Seath and Zoe Adler
Head of Senior Volleyball Tamara Warmerdam
Head of Junior Volleyball Shannon Ingram
Head of Water polo Jessie Jamieson