2015 Top Awards

Announced at Prizegiving 2015, the following awards were presented by Chairman of the board, James Johnston. We warmly congratulate all our Year 13 and special awards recipients.

House Cups
Ross Cup for Sport - Jellicoe
Smail Cup for Merit Marks - Swainson Riddiford
West Kirby Cup for Cultural Activities - Baber

Nell Clere Scholarship for Music - Jessica Kenyon

Betty Swainson Memorial Prize for Musical Performance - Tessa Dalgety-Evans (Tessa is away on exchange to Germany)

Service Awards

For Service to the School 
Olivia Bloomfield
Sarah Deng
Nicole Ding
Yu Hong Fan
Isabel Grubi
Nicola Tock
Emily Wood

The Centenary Salver for School Sport - Emma Fulbrook

Patricia Valentine Cup for School Musician - Madeline Whyte 

Bishop’s Medal for the school Sacristan - Isabella Barbalich

Isobel Campbell Prize to the Sports Captain - Emily Lyons

Chair of School Council - Alexandra Mair

Head of Houses - Kate Alderton

Cultural Captain - Madeline Hayward

Head of Marsden Primary - Georgia Burns

Head of the Middle School - Olivia Singleton

Head of Upper School - Maggie Burns

Head of Senior School - Madeleine Reynolds

Deputy Head Girls - Ellie Beverley and Sarsha Sivanantham

Head Girl - Harriette Dunphy

The Thurlby Cup
The Thurlby cup is given to a year 13 student who has participated and contributed to the cultural life of the 3 Marsden schools – Primary, Upper and Senior. This year it is awarded to Madeline Whyte

The Old Girls’ Association Cup for Cultural Involvement - Madeline Hayward

Weston Cup Sports Award for Sportsperson of the Year - Alexandra Mair

Zoe During Award for Social Justice - Georgia Brown
The Zoe During award was donated in the memory of old girl Zoe During who attended Marsden during the 1930’s and was this year posthumously inducted into the Marsden Hall of Fame.  It recognises Zoe’s activities in the area of social justice.  It is awarded to a student who is prepared to be outspoken and take action in alleviating suffering and inequality.

The Gillian Eadie Award
Is awarded to year 11 students Claudia Cunningham, Gothami Jayasinha and Brigitte Russell. These girls developed the business - Candles for Cure which was set up to raise money for Canteen as part of the Drawing Board Challenge

Absolutely Positively Wellington Student Award – I would like to invite Councillor Andy Foster to present this
Presented to year 11 students Caroline Enright, Meggie Morrison, Harriett Morrow and Carly Wakeling. This is in recognition of their ‘100 Warm Wellingtonians’ project that was completed as part of the Drawing Board Challenge.  The girls provided blankets and warm clothing to people in need.

The Ames Prizefor Design Technology - Gemma Sangalli


Awards for Diligence 
For industrious perseverance in her studies 
Sarah Deng 
Gaenor Gibbs-Harris 
Alexandra Mair 
Lavanya Sajwan 

Highly Commended
Isabella Barbalich for Achievement in Biology, Physics and English
Harriette Dunphy for Achievement in Statistics, Biology and English
Madeline Hayward for Achievement in French and English 
Emily Lyons for Achievement in Geography and English
Eleanor Olson for Achievement in Geography and English
Gabrielle Palado for Achievement in Digital Technology and Calculus

Old Girls’ Association School Leavers’ Awards

Emily Callam for achievement in Media Studies, History, English and Classical Studies (studied in 2014).
Srimoyee Chakravorty for achievement in French, Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Emily Wood for achievement in Calculus, Statistics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

The top 5 academic awards in the school are the school bursars, the Alice Bowater, the Proxime Accessit and the Dux.


The School Bursar Awards

The first of the school bursar awards goes to Emma Carruthers
Emma gained an average of 87.8% in her top 5 subjects – gaining 1st = in Chinese and Physics, 3rd = in Biology, 3rd in Chemistry and commended in Calculus

The second School Bursars award goes to Yu Hong Fan
Yu Hong gained an average of 88.2% in her top 5 subjects.  She was 1st = in Statistics and Physics, 2nd = in Calculus, 3rd = in Biology and commended in English and Chemistry
Yu Hong also receives the Science and Mathematics Cup

Blundell Cup
This is one of the oldest school cups first awarded in 1934. It is presented to a Year 13 student who has given outstanding service to the school.
This year the Blundell Cup is awarded to Alexandra Mair

Kindness Cup
This was given to the school by an anonymous donor in 1962. It recognizes someone of good character – gentle, thoughtful and with strong Christian principles. The donor believed that such a cup was appropriate in a school which emphasized not only academic achievement, but the development of sound character, strength of purpose and sense of values. It is Marsden’s highest character award. 
In 2015 the kindness cup is awarded to Sarsha Sivanantham

Alice Bowater Memorial Award
First awarded in 1976, this award was established by Mr Rex Bowater in memory of his mother. It is an academic award given to a student is going to university the following year and who will “bring honour to her school by her work and conduct”. Emma Kerr
Emma gained an average of 88.5% in her top 5 subjects.  She was1st= in English, 1st in Geography and Economics and 3rd = in Biology

This year the Proxime Accessit - runner up to the Dux, is awarded to a student who ranked 1st in Photography, 1st in Design, 1st in Media Studies and 1st in Classical Studies. She has an average of 94.6% in her top five subjects. This student is also the recipient of the Parents' Association Prize in Visual Arts and the Arts Prize, Proxime Accessit -  Kate Alderton

The Samuel Marsden Collegiate School Dux for 2015
This is the ultimate in academic achievement at Marsden.  It takes extraordinary talent and dedication to be a Marsden Dux.

This year it is awarded to a student who has placed 1st= in English, 1st= in German, 1st in Calculus, 1st in Painting, 2nd in Biology and 2nd in Chemistry. With an average of 99% in her top five subjects, the Samuel Marsden Collegiate Dux for 2015 - Celeste Pan