CIE - Cambridge AS and A level exams

Cambridge International (CIE) courses at Marsden

At Marsden we offer Cambridge AS level courses in three subjects:
Students who opt into these subjects will complete a double course of NCEA Level 2 and Cambridge AS level.  While there is considerable cross-over between the courses, students are required to attend an extra lesson per week to cover the extensive material required and this may be timetabled outside regular scheduled class hours.
Cambridge A level courses may be offered in these or other subjects depending on demand and availability of staff. This is decided on a year by year basis.
The combination of NCEA and Cambridge AS level gives our most able students breadth of coverage in three areas of the curriculum and sets an academic challenge.  It is suitable for students with a strong work ethic who can complete the required written work and reading quickly and keep up with a rapid pace of learning. Students with a passion and aptitude for these subject enjoy the extension a double programme offers.
Students select the CIE option when choosing subjects in the preceding year. They may opt out after a one month trial but at that point, all students who remain in the programme will be entered into the end-of-year exams and are asked to commit in writing to that intention.
Fees for CIE in 2018 are  £57.94 (GBP) per subject, per student, plus an administration fee of approximately $20 per student for international postage and associated costs.