Nina Hall

Inducted 2018
Student at Marsden: 1998 (Year 9) – 2002 (Year 13 – left mid-year)
Nina Hall receives this award for her work in international relations, social justice and the environment. She is also Marsden’s first Rhodes Scholar.

Having completed her exchange in Italy when she left school Nina returned to New Zealand and completed an MA and BA in Political Science at Auckland University. After being awarded a Rhodes Scholarship and moving to the University of Oxford where she completed her PHD, Nina joined the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin as a lecturer, including supervising students through their Masters’ theses.  An Assistant Professorship in International Relations at John Hopkins University in Bologna followed where she is currently involved in research. Nina’s areas of interest  include climate change, politics, the United Nations and women’s rights. 

The ethics of the global refugee situation has been an area of concern for Nina. She swam from Turkey to Greece in 2015 in solidarity with refugees, particularly those from Africa and the Middle East – both as they flee from conflict and then how they are received and treated in Europe. She also has an interest in the issue of climate change and refugees where people, especially in the Pacific may well be displaced by rising sea levels. 

Nina sees digital technology having a role in advocating globally, not only for migrating populations, but for humanitarian issues and political and social change.