Guide to New Zealand Universities

Students considering attending university when they leave school should visit this website  It has many links to more information about the universities on offer in New Zealand.This link will take you to the online version of the  ‘Thinking About University’ resource which has all the undergraduate degrees available in NZ listed. I highly recommend this resource as an easy way of seeing the subjects and courses offered. 

University Ranking by Subject

Use this link for 2020  Use the drop down menu at the top to refine your search.
University Name and Open Day Date school leaver scholarship applications open Date school leaver scholarship applications close What year do I apply for a scholarship if I am taking a GAP year? Date hostel applications open Date hostel applications close
         AUT  August 29 Check scholarship database Open July 1 September 1   (Art and Design portfolios dues Sept 25) Apply May 2021 for 2022 (or the year before you wish to study) October 1 Check on the accommodation link on their website No final date. Accommodation is granted on the basis of “first in, first served” so apply close to October 1.
    Massey Manawatu campus: 5 Aug Wellington campus: 21 August Auckland campus : 22 August Mid July Most scholarships close the end of August although College of Creative Arts are at the end of November. Can apply this year or when you have returned. If you apply before-hand you can defer your application. August 1 To be considered for first round application needs to be in 1 October
  Auckland August 29 May 18th August 19 In Year 13 August 1 September 30
  Canterbury     July 9 Late June for most Mid-August for most 2021 August 1 1.   CCRF due September 15 2.       Accommodation application due late September
    Victoria August 21 Late June – No certain date yet but it is around late June. 1st of September Apply the year before the year you’re planning to study.  E.g – Apply in 2020 to start studying 2021. August 1 September 15 is the last day for students to change their hall preference. Also halls start to review the applications then.
   Lincoln July 17   Approx. end of April 2020 15th August 2020 (For the specific Lincoln University Scholarships)   Students can apply a year in advance. (in Year 13) August 1 Offers are sent on October 1.  Once offers are sent they you have 1 week to accept or decline and pay your deposit. They have a first in, first served policy. This means first to accept their accommodation offer and pay their deposit is in.
   Otago Postponed due to Covid 19 Most Under- graduate Entrance Scholarships open 1 July Most close 15 August, some close 10 December.  New Frontiers closes March 2021 Deferrals granted for most scholarships Students should check regulations. August 1 September 30 preferred date for first round of offers. Late applications accepted but will not be accepted for first round of offers
 Waikato    July 31 By mid-May 31 August Apply in final year of school and defer award. August 1 1 October