Liaison help

The liaison officer for Samuel Marsden Collegiate is Barbara Scott. You may contact her on this email-

Barbara will be in school to help with course planning on Tuesday 15 October, at lunchtime, in MH6.

Course updates

There is a new major for the Bachelor of Health Science: Health Services Navigation (HSN)*: to develop skills and understanding that can assist others in navigation of the complexities of the health care system. It focuses on advocacy and leadership and the social and functional (as opposed to medical) implications of impairment, disability and disadvantage. The Bachelor of Sport and Exercise has a new major:  Sport development. This is a multifaceted, and often holistic, concept that plays an important role in the initiation, support and promotion of sport and physical activity at the volunteer, club, regional and national organisational levels, from grassroots to the elite level. This major will prepare students for work in the varied and growing area of sport development by providing knowledge in topics such as sport organisational structure and function, event and facility management, sport communication along with sociological, conditioning and business issues linked to sport and the athlete. The Bachelor of Commercial Music has a new pathway: Sound Engineering.  This suits students who are passionate about recording, production, live sound, studios, electronic music tools and working with other great artists. You don’t have to play an instrument - the studio is your instrument. The Bachelor of Creative Media Production has a new pathway: Directing and Producing. Through practical and critical engagement, students will gain a creative and technical knowledge and understanding of approaches and methodologies essential for producing and directing film, television, animation, visual effects, games, augmented reality and other emerging media.