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Term 2, 2021

Visible Wellbeing Flowers & Rainbow Science

We welcomed Shuyi to our Preschool whānau this week. Incorporating an interest in rainbows with art, curiosity, science and learning about the letter 'R' Preschool made some magical fizzing rainbows. Using baking soda, then droplets of 'rainbow colours' the children then added vinegar and observed the bubbling reaction as the colours mixed together and created a rainbow on their plate. 
Another focus of the week was on the Visible Wellbeing pathway 'coping,' learning strategies to build resilience in everyday situations. Children created 'helpful thinking flowers' thinking about what to say to themselves when something is difficult. They came up with some fantastic phrases "Try, try and try again" and "I am trying my best".  Some thought they might ask a teacher for help, and others gave examples of when they have tried and tried again. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (17/06/2021)

Library and Te Reo lessons

One of the Preschools favourite weekly activities is visiting Mr O'Connor in the Primary library. This week he read us one of his new books. We could see rainbows, hearts and a dinosaur in the pictures. Then it was time to choose a book to borrow and Mr O'Connor helped students issue them making the scanner go 'beep'. Everyone chose a favourite picture from their book to share with the class.  Afterwards we went through a secret door to Ms Molisa's te reo Māori classroom for our te reo lesson, where we practiced our numbers and shapes. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (10/06/2021)

Mini-beasts and the Letter of the Week

This week in preschool we say farewell to Yucheng as she heads to Year 1.  Thank you Yucheng and your family for all you have contributed to our Preschool whānau. It has been a busy week, we have been exploring mini-beasts, answering questions such as why is a spider not an insect? Do insects lay eggs? and how many legs does an insect have?  We have also been learning words that start with the letter 'P', pikelets, Paw Patrol, puppy, penguin, pen, pink and purple! So much learning and so much fun! I think we are all ready for a long weekend and a rest. See more images in our Preschool media gallery. (04/06/2021)

Autumn Breeze Artwork

Inspired by some of the senior students' artwork, Preschool have created their own 'autumn breeze' art. Using straws to blow autumn coloured dye across paper, we then needed a 'leaf' shape and Jessica suggested we use a leaf to trace around. We found a big leaf and also a tree stencil to cut out shapes in our picture which now hangs in our Preschool window and looks really pretty with the sun shining through. We have also been busy making autumn handprints, tracing around our arm to create a tree shape then printing autumn colours around it. Next week it will be winter, and time to discover winter art possibilities. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (27/05/2021)

Budding Gymnasts

We have some aspiring gymnasts at Marsden Preschool, so to support and encourage children's physical skills and abilities we have begun a partnership with Capital Gymnastics Club. They are providing fortnightly gymnastics sessions this term. To begin, Johnny, our coach led us in a warm up, then it was time to break into 2 groups and complete our circuits. Our students did pony jumps, rolly pollies, hopping on one foot, swinging on the bar, balancing on the beam, handstands and even a very tricky plank!  It was so much fun, we can't wait until next time! See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (20/05/2021)

Mainly about the Letter 'M'

Preschool focused on this week's letter 'M' bringing in interesting items for mat time. We found out that M is for Mindfulness, Movement, Mirror, Monkey, Mask, Mermaid and Manawa! It is also for 'Monsters' which our students had lots of fun making out of boxes, bottle tops and material. We also enjoyed munching on 'Mushy Monster Muffins' which we made for afternoon tea. Mmmmmmm! See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (13/05/2021)

Natural World Inquiry

Five new tamariki joined Marsden Preschool this week. Welcome to Hugh, Robert, Harrison, Amira, An and your whānau. With the beginning of a new term it is also the start of our new inquiry which is all about the natural world. Our students collected some autumn leaves and using the light box were able to trace them drawing their shapes and colour. We discovered a Katydid in our playground and went on a special walk to the science garden to see if we could find some Monarch caterpillars and butterflies, and we did! What a great start to the term. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (05/05/2021)

Term 1, 2021

Preschool Wheels Day

This week we say farewell to Greta and Junyi and wish them all the very best as they begin their Primary School journey at the beginning of Term 2.  And thank you to their families for all they have contributed to our Preschool whānau.To celebrate the end of term and acknowledge a very successful Movin March, we had wheels day this week, the children brought in their bikes and scooters which we decorated with streamers and enjoyed riding on the tennis courts.We wish you all a safe and enjoyable term break with your friends and whānau. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (15/04/2021)

Ball Skills

Part of Preschool's PE programme this term has been providing opportunities to develop our students' ball skills. Alongside fortnightly Little Dribblers football sessions we have also been practicing throwing, catching, kicking and aiming using big and small balls. This week we had fun aiming balls through the hoop, shooting as high as possible. What a proud moment when the ball went through the hoop. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (09/04/2021)

Two celebrations

Preschool had 2 celebrations this week, the first was to say farewell to Sam as he heads off to school. We wish you all the best Sam as you continue your learning journey. We also celebrated the birthday of Ms Molisa! The children made her a card and baked a yummy chocolate cake with candles on the top. We sang Happy Birthday and clapped a special number just for her. "Happy Birthday Ms Molisa". This week we also experimented with drawing our reflections. Looking in the mirror children used pastels to draw what they saw, some could see their friends and so drew a picture of them, while others drew themselves. This was an interesting activity and one we think we will do again soon. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (01/04/2021)

Trip to Lost Letter Play

Preschool students had a lot of fun on their excursion to see 'The Lost Letter Office' performance at Te Papa on Monday.They especially loved the bus ride seeing familiar places out the bus window, the Botanical Gardens and the Beehive where Jacinda works. The performance was very funny with a clown and a magical lady that disappeared! She looked happy when she received a letter in her letterbox, so when we returned we created special 'hugs' for our friends and family and posted them in our Preschool mailbox. We also plan to send some letters to family living far away.
Last Friday we enjoyed our preschool whānau BBQ, a lovely occasion for families to meet and get to know each other as part of the preschool community. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (25/03/2021)

Pets and face painting

This week in Preschool is all about 'pets' as they are part of many of our family households. Ms McConnell painted children's faces as dogs, cats, a mouse, unicorns, a hyena, snake and tigers, then our students roared, pranced crawled and slithered about Preschool. We also thought about where these animals lived and how we would care for all these different pets if they were at Preschool. On Friday we are looking forward to meeting a real life pet. His name is Ted and he has four legs and says "woof". See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (17/03/2021)

Who am I, Box People

This week in Preschool we welcomed Sylvie and her whānau. As part of our focus 'Who am I?' we thought a little about what we look like.  Using boxes, bottle tops, wool and other craft materials we each made 'box people' that looked like ourselves, sharing and describing our person to our friends at mat time. We were also very grateful to have Aavin and his family share with us some of their traditional food from Sri Lanka and he dressed in his national dress for the morning. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (11/03/2021)

Cicada Shell Hunt

'Whats that noise?' Preschool have been listening to the sound of the cicadas in the trees, some days they are very noisy and other days we can't hear them through the wind. Our children have shown an interest in many different bugs and insects outdoors and even indoors with a dragonfly flying into Preschool one morning. On Monday, while the weather was nice, we went on a cicada shell hunt. We looked on the ground and in the trees and we carefully collected the cicada shells in our basket. We found 32! and one little bug. Afterwards we took them to Mrs Manthel for the Year 1 and 2 children to use in their maths lesson. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (04/03/2021)

Leaders and Pepeha

This week Marsden Preschool welcomed Francie who is following in her siblings' footsteps, it is wonderful to have you join us Francie. At Preschool we always have two leaders a day. This is an exciting occasion for tamariki, when they arrive each day they check the board to see whose turn it is and they get to wear a Leader's badge like James above.  Some of their responsibilities are to let others know when it is their turn to wash hands, start the karakia for kai times and very importantly lead the children safely when we move around the campus to different rooms and classes. One of the highlights is also doing your pepeha during mat time. This week during te reo lesson some of the tamariki wanted to share their pepeha with the class. It was fantastic to see their confidence shine. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (25/02/2021)

Kete of Knowledge

This week Preschool have been talking about the Māori gods, Ranginui, Papātuanuku and Tane God of the forests, learning about his journey to get the 3 baskets or kete of knowledge. Inspired by Tane's story, Preschoolers have each decorated their own kete of knowledge. During their time at Marsden Preschool we will add objects to the kete that reflect our children's learnings so they can take this knowledge with them when they turn 5 and transition to Primary School.  We also continued celebrating Chinese New Year, saying farewell to the Year of the Rat and welcoming the Year of the Ox. See more images in the Preschool media gallery. (18/02/2021)

Preschool sign Treaty

Preschool began the week reflecting on Waitangi Day and what it means to Aotearoa/New Zealand and our Preschool community. This was a great opportunity to write our own treaty, thinking about how we can honour the Treaty of Waitangi here at Marsden. Our students thought of so many things to look after, the trees, the plants, the ponds and frogs in our environment, and our Preschool toys.  We then agreed we would look after our friends, ourselves and our bodies, and listen to and respect each other. We confirmed our agreement using handprints as our special signature. This week we also welcomed back Deng from Little Dribblers for some great balancing and kicking ball skills in the new gym. See more photos in the Preschool media gallery. (11/02/2021)

First Week Back

Ngā mihi o te Tau Hou, Happy New Year! It has been a fun first week in Preschool with everyone back, including two new children Yucheng and Laura – a big welcome to them both and their families. As we resettle into our Preschool routines, we have focused on revisiting shared interests including block building, dramatic play and playdough.  With the sunshine outside we have also enjoyed lots of waterplay and sandplay with water of course! We are all looking forward to our exciting year ahead. See more photos in our Preschool media gallery. (04/02/2021)

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