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If you would like careers advice please see Ms Binns. You may find the computer links on the upper right of this page of use to you.  For example: in the recommended school subjects  folder  there are links to subject choice guides for Year 11 and 12 students about which subjects they should take at school for preparation for different university courses. Auckland, Otago, Canterbury, AUT, Massey and Victoria Universities all have their own links. 

How to Help Your Teen Find Out What Makes Them Tick

As parents we worry about how to help our children make career choices that they will enjoy. Careers NZ have put together a page of guidance information for parents that you may find useful.  Click here to access their page.
Careers NZ have other links for parents such as
Help Your Teen Choose a Career They Love

Online Careers Magazines

The Next Step magazine profiling careers in NZ is available online here. 
JETmag is available online by following this link  JETmag.co.nz 
Leaving School magazine is available online by following this link www.leavingschool.co.nz

 All the students in the senior school receive a paper copy of these magazines. 

Upcoming Dates for 2018

February 20 Auckland University liaison in school at lunchtime, MH 6.

February 26 Canterbury University liaison in school at lunchtime, MH 6.

February 28 Victoria University liaison in school at lunchtime, MH 6.

March 7           Lattitude Global Volunteering information evening, 6.00pm

March 7           Massey CoCa student experience day

March 14 Otago University liaison in school at lunchtime, MH 6.

April 4             Lattitude Global Volunteering information evening, 6.00pm

April 10 AUT University liaison in school at lunchtime, MH 6.

May 7             Dunedin Tertiary Open Day

July 31            Victoria University Course planning in school at lunchtime, MH6

August 17       AUT Course planning in school at lunchtime, MH6

Massey University College of Creative Arts (CoCA) Student Experience Day

This year is being held on March 7 from 9.30am-3.00pm and is open to Year 12 and 13 students. The day willl be held at Wellington Massey University Campus. During the CoCA Student Experience Day, your students will participate in two hands on workshops. In the registration form, students will be asked to select three workshops in preference 1 to 3.

Workshops offered over the day are -

  • Commercial Music

  • Creative Media Production

  • Fine Arts

  • Industrial Design

  • Photography

  • Spatial Design

  • Textiles

  • Visual Communication Design

You will hear current and past Massey students talk about their experiences studying at Massey and pursuing a creative career pathway, lunch is provided and you get a tour of the campus! The NZQA Top Art Exhibition will also be on display for you to see. To register click on this link. https://masseyuni.wufoo.eu/forms/coca-student-experience-day-registration/  You may not attend unless registered and the numbers are limited to 140.

Gap Year- Go Kiwi Go

Go Kiwi Go is a branch of AFS New Zealand, and provides Gap and other opportunities for people over 18, particularly school leavers. See their website for more information about the types of opportunities they organise. https://www.gokiwigo.org/

Lattitide Global Volunteering- GAP year opportunities

Lattitude Global Volunteering provides GAP Year and International Volunteering placements to young New Zealanders aged 17 to 25. Students have a choice of 14 different countries and a variety of placement options to choose from. E.g. school assistant, outdoor camp assistant, community worker, English tutor/teacher, medical assistant. Placements can be anywhere from 3-12 months in length.

The early bird discount closing date for applications for 2019 will be Thursday 29 March 2018.

Information evenings will be held in Wellington on Wednesday 7 March from 6.00-7.30pm and Wednesday 4 April from 6.00-7.30pm. These will all be held at the Life centre, 21 Hania Street, Mount Victoria. More information is available at www.lattitude.org.nz  or you can follow their Facebook page- https://www.facebook.com/lattitudeglobalvolunteering/

Dunedin Tertiary Open Day- Monday 7 May, 2018

On Monday 7 May both Otago Polytechinc and Otago University have an open day. Students often opt to travel South for this day. If you would like a printed programme for the day please let Ms Binns know so that she can order these into the school. These will also be available online from Monday 2 April at either www.otago.ac.nz  or www.op.ac.nz

ZEALANDIA’S 2018 Secondary Ambassador Programme

A new opportunity for students aged between 15 and 18 years is available through Zealandia this year. The purpose is to provide a pathway for senior secondary students, who are interested in being involved in conservation, so they can gain the skills and confidence to be conservation leaders in the community both now and in the future.

Key selection criteria

Be able to commit to the programme for a minimum of one year and be able to attend all training sessions.

Have a desire to work or be involved in the field of conservation in the future.

Have good base knowledge of NZ flora and fauna.

Be willing to interact and communicate with staff members, volunteers and the public.

Application forms and programme details are available by emailing


Note: Applications need to be endorsed by the school so you will ask Mrs Gunn or Ms Binns for an endorsement.

Applications are due 15th February           


Kiwi Flyer Guide to Aviation Training

This guide is available to download at http://www.kiwiflyer.co.nz/

and includes information for students interested in a career in aviation. The guide profiles a broad variety of flight training providers and opportunities throughout New Zealand. A copy is also on the Ultranet careers page in the Guides and Information folder

Futureintech- careers in STEM subjects

Students interested in careers in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) should have a look at these two links from Futureintech. The first is designed to help you to get an idea about the companies and organisations that might, one day, employ you – if you get a relevant tertiary qualification in technology, engineering or science, of course.

Employer Explorer https://www.futureintech.org.nz/explorer/employers.cfm

The second helps you to find career stories of people who are working in the STEM subjects’ fields.

Profile Explorer www.futureintech.org.nz/explorer/people.cfm

Careers NZ Where To From School E Book

A copy of this new resource is on the school Ultranet careers page in the Guides and Information folder. Students can also download their own copy here.

Studylink- Student Loans

If your daughter is in Year 13 she may be planning to apply for a student loan. Students in Year 13 who are intending to use the student loan scheme sign up by now to receive email reminders about the process. Parents can also view these email reminders at this website. Students who have not signed up to receive the emails can do so on this website as well as view past emails.


Teaching Careers

Whether you are interested in Early Childhood, Primary or Secondary teaching have a look at the search engine for the latest information about qualifications available in NZ. https://www.teachnz.govt.nz/thinking-of-teaching/qualifications-information-for-2018/

AUT Future Career Sheets

AUT now have 90 career sheet available electronically looking at pathways after study in most areas. These also cover the personal  qualities that may suit your daughter to a particular career and include projected salaries. Have a look and see if what she is planning to study is right for her.

See http://www.aut.ac.nz/being-a-student/employability/future-career-sheets


University Guide Book

A wonderful guide has been collated by Universities NZ which contains information about every university in NZ (pages 10-25), all the degrees on offer and which universities offer them (pages 29-50) and a month by month guide to what to get done and when in your Year 13 year (pages 53-55) as well as other information about student loans and accommodation etc. A pdf version of this guide can be found in the Guides and Information section to the right of this page and is called Thinking About University.

Subject Choices for 2018 for students entering Year 13

Students who are thinking of medicine need to read the following before making subject choices for Year 13. You must take Chemistry, Physics, Biology and Calculus at Year 13. This will help you with your first year course if you are looking at Otago or Auckland.

For Auckland only:

There are two options for the first year pathway to medicine, Biomedical Science or Health Science.

For Health Science, students are required to have one Table A subject and one Table B subject at Year 13.

Table A subjects are Classical Studies, English, Geography, History, History of Art and Te Reo Maori.

Table B subjects are Accounting, Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Digital Technologies, Economics, Physics, Statistics.

For Biomedical Science there are no subject requirements, just ones that are recommended – so students looking at taking Biomedical Science as a pathway into medicine do not need to worry about Table A. An English-rich subject (Classics, Geography, English, History etc) is recommended for most of Science majors, as there is still some level of writing involved once at university. This is just recommended, however, and is by no means a requirement – so students who haven’t done one of these subjects at L3 can certainly still follow the Biomed route.

Picky website launch

Picky ( https://www.picky.co.nz/) is website for any student that may be considering an apprenticeship. The website is designed to help link employers with people wanting to enter into an apprenticeship. Interested students register for free and complete a profile. Employers can enter a number of search criteria (like the industry type, job location, etc) to search the Picky database for any matching profiles. Employers then make contact directly with their preferred match.


ICHM (International College of Hotel management)- scholarship opportunity.

The ICHM is based in Adelaide, Australia. It is the only Swiss Hotel Association school outside Europe. They offer two different courses, a Bachelor of International Hotel Management(SHA) and a Bachelor of Business, focused on hospitality management.

They have a scholarship worth $32000 ($8000 a year for four years) open to New Zealand residents.  

Students interested in ICHM should collect a brochure from the careers display in the senior school foyer. Also see https://www.ichm.edu.au/about/careers/career-weeks

AUT (Auckland University of Technology)

Useful links for AUT:

 AUT Future Students Events https://www.aut.ac.nz/future-students-events

AUT Future Students Facebook https://www.facebook.com/AUTFutureStudents/

Scholarships http://www.aut.ac.nz/study-at-aut/fees-scholarships-and-finance/scholarships/school-and-community-partnership

Video content about AUT programmes, services, and communities https://www.youtube.com/user/AUTUniversity

Student Job Search (SJS)

SJS is an online service that helps tertiary students gain work experience and extra money while studying. Secondary school students who are enrolled in tertiary study for 2019, or who have a letter of confirmation from any NZ Tertiary education provider, can use SJS up to 4 months before they start study.

These links may be useful-

Starting study information for students

Student Job Search

World University Rankings

Students often ask me which university is ‘best’ for a particular subject. I always say that they should look at the stage three papers on offer in the courses they are interested and to also consider where the university is and if they would want to live there for 3-4 years. Students may be interested in this link where they can search the ranking of a particular subject worldwide. I believe all the New Zealand universities are in the top 50-100 for many subjects. Otago was judged to be among the world’s top 10 universities for the study of Sport and sport-related disciplines, placing 7th internationally. This was the highest ranking achieved by any New Zealand university for any subject area in the 2017 rankings.  https://www.topuniversities.com/subject-rankings/2017


Otago University

Here are some great sites and resources to help prepare for study at Otago.

Otago Life Website- includes information about getting prepared academically, services, support, finances and accommodation. www.otago.ac.nz/otago-life/index.html

Facebook page for school students- upcoming events, stories of interest, information about study options and more  www.facebook.com/UOLiaison

The My Otago First Year (MOFY) website www.otago.ac.nz/mofy/index.html

includes information about:

  • The differences between high school and university

  • What to expect and how to cope

  • Effective study strategies

  • Where to find information

Student Learning Development- advice and support for first years, study skills, time management and writing advice, peer learning and more www.otago.ac.nz/hedc/students/index.html


Go Kiwi Go- Global Volunteering Adventures

Go Kiwi Go (GKG) is for anyone aged over 18. The volunteer experience can be from 2-24 weeks.The programmes are designed to support volunteers with an international experience, while building their global competence. As part of the volunteer experience, participants complete the Global Competence Certificate (GCC). See http://www.gokiwigo.org/ for more information.

Occupational Outlook

If you have no idea what career path to take you may find it useful to look at this website and get the app. http://occupationoutlook.mbie.govt.nz/  It is a great tool for exploring study and career options, with extensive information on labour supply and demand in over 100 occupations in New Zealand. The app outlines how to enter each role, how many are studying in related fields, how many are employed, and what the average incomes are. It also outlines what are the prospects of getting a job in that occupation once you have completed the qualifications required.

UMAT preparation

In New Zealand students applying for medical school must sit a UMAT examination in the year they apply for medical school (usually the end of their first year of study at university) Students may  choose to sit this examination as a practice in Year 13 (although the grade will not count toward their final application.) There are several organisations that offer support in preparing for UMAT and this one (MedEntry) has sent me some information, available via the link.


Where To Next?

Careers NZ have put together a range of information sources to help parents and students consider what to do when they leave school. It is called ‘Where To Next’ so have a look.  

University Scholarships

There are many undergraduate scholarships that are not specifically for any one NZ university and several for prestigious overseas universities. Many of these applications close on December 1st. Please check the lists at the following link to see if you should consider applying for any of these.


Parents' Guide- Auckland University

Auckland University have written a parents' guide designed to help parents support your daughter’s decision making. It contains many answers to your questions about studying at Auckland University.

See: https://cdn.auckland.ac.nz/assets/central/for/future-undergraduates/parentsguide/Parents%20Guide%202016%20Web.pdf


careers websites
1. Government Careers website.url.url
2. No major dramas
3. Futureintech course finder.url.url
4. Occupational outlook
5. School Connect
6. Profile Builder (Youth guarantee)
7. Futureintech student's page
8. NZ skills in demand
9. Digital Careers
10. Just the Job videos
11. School leaver
12. Future Me ARA poly)
13. Apprenticeships/Picky
Guides and information
1. Guide to Job Hunting (University of Canterbury careers).url.url
2. MedEntry- UMAT prep
4. IT career information
5.NZ University Guide_9
6. Beginners guide social media booklet
7. Latitude GAP years brochure
8. Financial Survival Guide
9. Parental role in careers for their children
10. Employability survey- Victoria
11. Why study STEM subjects video
12.Engineering options
13.Parents guide Auckland
14.Thinking About University A guide for NZ students, parents and whanau
15. AUT Career guides
16. Jobs Galore
17. Kiwi flyer website
18. KiwiFlyer Guide to Aviation Training 2017-2018
19. Where-to-from-School-ebook
20. Open letter NZ public 2017
21.Tenancy Services-Flatting 101
22. CV builder
24. The Future of Work (Youtube clip)
23. giv Me search engines (for scholarships- Generosity New Zealand)
25. Gap Years- Go Kiwi Go
Overseas applications- non USA
2. UK university application information.url.url
6. converting NCEA to Australian entry scores.docx
NZ_INF_SHEET for Cambridge
Health Care for NZ students studying in Australia
Australian Universities Information
US Universities
1. Search for courses.url
2. how to apply video.url
USA sports
5. ACT for USA.url
USA Application process
Admissions Process
Financial assistance
Sports scholarships
sports scholarships- more detail
Standardized testing info USA
Study in America
Useful websites for US study
Secrets of the Ivy league E Book
How To Create a Winning US College Application E Book
IM Topics
1_Your Learning Mindset_Video Transcript.pdf
2_How Your Brain Works_Video Transcript.pdf
3_Positive Classroom Learning_Video Transcript.pdf
25_Academic Excellence_Video Transcript.pdf
26_Relaxation and Balance_Video Transcript.pdf
27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Video Transcript.pdf
28_Memory Techniques_Video Transcript.pdf
4_Approaches to Studying_Video Transcript.pdf
Watching the study skills films on clickview.docx
IM Worksheets
1_Your Learning Mindset_Student Worksheets.pdf
2_How Your Brain Works_Student Worksheets.pdf
3_Positive Classroom Learning_Student Worksheets.pdf
4_Approaches to Studying_Student Worksheets.pdf
25_Academic Excellence_Student Worksheets.pdf
26_Relaxation and Life-balance_Student Worksheets.pdf
27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Article Activity Sheet b.pdf
27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Article Activity Sheet.pdf
27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Student Worksheets.pdf
10. _Memory Techniques_Student Worksheets.pdf
Watching the study skills films on clickview.docx
IM Audios
1. Your Learning Mind-set.mp3
2. How Your Brain Works.mp3
3. Positive Classroom Learning.mp3
4. Approaches to Studying.mp3
25. Academic Excellence.mp3
26. Relaxation and Life-balance.mp3
27. Review and Rewrite Your Notes.mp3
28. Memory Techniques.mp3
Watching the study skills films on clickview.docx
Career games
1. career games .url
2. Could this be your life.url
3. Holland hexagon.url
Victoria's Financial survival guide
oompher videos
oompher Youtube channel
oompher videos
Bright Pathways 2017
Construction and Infrastructure
Creative Industries
Manufacturing and Technology
Primary Industries
Service Industries
Social and Community
AUT Science 21 videos- careers using science
science 21 videos
World University Rankings
World University Ranking by Subject
NZ Universities
Massey future students
Canterbury subjects
Canterbury student page
Waikato University Interactive Guide
AUT career guides
Otago career page
Recommended school subjects
Canterbury- scroll to bottom of page
AUT subject choices