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NCEA Assessment

Details of your internal assessment calendar, are available for each NCEA level. Check the level sub pages on the right.

If you wish to apply for an extension or if you wish to appeal a grade, check the NCEA General folder on the right.

If you need to check requirements for UE - check the general folder on the right.

The Marsden Assessment Policy and procedures guidelines are in the NCEA General folder and also in your School Planner. You and your parents need to be aware of these.

To learn more about how NCEA works at Marsden, click here.

Marsden school exams run from 27 August to 31 August 2018

2018 NCEA exams begin on 7 November 2018

Do you and your parents need to know more about how NCEA works?
Watch this video for a nice clear explanation.

It is very important that you and your parents are aware of the rules and regulations around NCEA assessment.

Click here to read the NCEA assessment policy 2018 This is also in your student planner P 31 - 35

Tracking your progress
Use the tracking sheet in your planner to follow your progress with internal results.  
Do you know:        How many credits you've got? 
How many you could potentially have when your internal assessment is complete?
How many merit and excellence credits you have?
Set yourself a goal
What do you want to achieve by the end of the year?
Resubmissions and Further Assessment Opportunities.
Confused about when you can and cannot have another chance for a better grade?  Check your course information sheets, ask your teacher or click here to read the document 'Improving your grades'.
Need an extension?
Talk to your teacher and Ms Adeane, print off this form and hand it in.

Grade Appeal
You have the right to dispute a grade if you believe that your work meets the criteria of a higher award. To do this you must complete the grade appeal form, found here and resubmit the work.  The appeal result is final.

Checkout this online forum, supporting most NCEA subjects.  Studyit has everything needed to get achieved, merit and excellence.  It is written in student language and includes fourteen very active forums where expert teachers answer student questions.  It is active at night times, in the weekends and during holidays.   
Click here to access StudyIt.

Watch this video to help you understand about what you can and cannot copy of other people's work

Thinking of tertiary study overseas?
New Zealanqualifications (NCEA, Scholarship) are recognised around the world.  Learn more about international recognition here.

NCEA General Information
1. extension application.doc.doc
3. 3. improving grades.docx.docx
4. 4. How NCEA works.url.url
5. 5. University Entrance literacy standards.url.url
8. student exemplar permission.docx
Appeal Form NCEA
Yr 10 Assessment planner 2016 master
parent info
NCEA Assessment Policy 2018
University Entrance
1. 1. Auck Uni Academic English Language Requirement Fact Sheet (1).pdf.pdf
2. 2. UE for NZ uni.url
3. 3. Entrance to Australian universities.url.url
4. 4. Entrance to overseas universities.url.url
revision Tips
1. RevisionTips.docx