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Meet our English Department, please feel free to contact us.

Dianne Smith
Head of English

Margaret Adeane
Academic Director

Tracey Allen
Associate Dean
Upper School

Louise Kleingeld
Gifted & Talented

Rebecca George
Aylana Wright 
Dean Y9 Leadership


Success in English is vital for success in every other subject and in every aspect of a student's future life.  English at Marsden inspires a life-time love of literature and language.  We want the students to share the pleasure that comes through an understanding and growing appreciation of the English language and its literature.  

Years 9 and 10
Programmes at this level develop further thinking skills in relation to studied texts as well as language work.  A full range of skills is taught, with a particular focus on engaging with stories in order to relate them to ourselves and our world.  Students are encouraged to make meaning and create meaning through a variety of enjoyable contexts: studying a range of written, visual and oral texts; and involvement in activities such as Shakespeare performances, debating, library sessions and writing competitions.

Year 11
English at Year 11 offers a rich programme.  Students develop creative and formal writing skills; comprehension skills in relation to written texts; effective communication skills through visual as well as spoken language; and study a variety of engaging written, visual and oral texts.  Students also complete a personal reading achievement standard which allows them to continue to explore a love of reading. 

Years 12 and 13
The senior English programmes place emphasis on the skills of analysis and literary appreciation in order to cement an independent life-long love of learning.  At this level, students engage in an in-depth study of different genres and texts, including a Shakespearean play; delivery of a seminar; and extended writing.

Cambridge AS Level
Some students elect to study the Cambridge AS English Literature course in combination with NCEA. This is a challenging and exciting opportunity for students who wish to further extend and develop their love of literature.  An additional class is timetabled outside of regular school hours each week.  Marsden students have enjoyed top-level success with this optional programme.
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