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Future Minds

Welcome to the Future Minds Page for Gifted and Talented Students. Please feel free to contact me and click here to see what's coming up.

Jessica Radich
Gifted and Talented Coordinator              


Marsden believes that it is important to cultivate students' talents and signs of giftedness. We appreciate that students have a wide range of abilities in different areas. As a result, it is important to give all students the opportunity to participate in a range of activities that take their interest. We aim to stimulate, enrich and engage students through exposure to arts, culture, academia, lectures and competitions that extend them beyond what is offered in the classroom.

In class approach to extension

We aim to extend students in class though the use of projects, big picture questions and curriculum that is specifically designed for your daughter. Classroom teachers encourage gifted students to embrace their interests by providing work that provides challenges and allows opportunities for independent learning.

Future Minds Enrichment and Extension
The Future Minds Enrichment and Extension is a programme that aims to extend students through exposure to a wide range of experiences. Throughout the year students will be invited to attend lectures, enter competitions, participate in workshops, and partake in activities and outings. These are all designed to expand their minds, develop thinking skills and broaden their view of the world.