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Study Tips

Welcome to the Study Tips page.  Here you will find all the useful bits of information to help you make the most of your study time.

Useful links
Waikato Uni study tips
Study tips for Mocks
IM Topics
1. 1_Your Learning Mindset_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
2. 2_How Your Brain Works_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
3. 3_Positive Classroom Learning_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
4. 25_Academic Excellence_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
5. 26_Relaxation and Balance_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
6. 27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
7. 28_Memory Techniques_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
8. 4_Approaches to Studying_Video Transcript.pdf.pdf
9. Watching the study skills films on clickview.docx.docx
IM Worksheets
1. 1_Your Learning Mindset_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
2. 2_How Your Brain Works_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
3. 3_Positive Classroom Learning_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
4. 4_Approaches to Studying_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
5. 25_Academic Excellence_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
6. 26_Relaxation and Life-balance_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
7. 27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Article Activity Sheet b.pdf.pdf
8. 27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Article Activity Sheet.pdf.pdf
9. 27_Review and Rewrite Your Notes_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
10. 10. _Memory Techniques_Student Worksheets.pdf.pdf
11. Watching the study skills films on clickview.docx.docx
IM Audios
1. 1. Your Learning Mind-set.mp3.mp3
2. 2. How Your Brain Works.mp3.mp3
3. 3. Positive Classroom Learning.mp3.mp3
4. 4. Approaches to Studying.mp3.mp3
5. 25. Academic Excellence.mp3.mp3
1. 26. Relaxation and Life-balance.mp3.mp3
2. 27. Review and Rewrite Your Notes.mp3.mp3
3. 28. Memory Techniques.mp3.mp3
4. Watching the study skills films on clickview.docx.docx