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School Hours

The school day starts at 8:25am and finishes at 3:25pm

Period 1 lessons begin at 8:35am.

Break/Lunch Procedure
Marsden Middle and Upper School
No pupil may leave the school grounds during the morning break or at any other time during the day without permission from the School.
Marsden Senior School
Students may go to the Karori shops at lunchtime. They may go to their own home for lunch if they live in Karori. Students' behaviour in the community should be of the highest standard at all times.  Uniform must be impeccable.

Marsden Middle and Upper School
Any student may be detained after School as a punishment. At least 24 hours notice of such detention will be given. Students many not make appointments on a Friday afternoons since weekly detentions are held for one hour after school this day.
Marsden Senior School
Students who are late for School or lessons will be required to make up time on Friday lunchtime. Repeated offending will result in tasks being assigned to the student to complete at school on Friday after school.