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Marsden Network Code of Conduct Guidelines

Access to the Marsden Network extends many privileges. Our network provides opportunities to learn a variety of important skills. It provides you with the opportunity to communicate with others in far reaching parts of the world. However every privilege carries responsibility. 

The following is a code of acceptable conduct. However in all things good judgment and sound values should be your overall guide.

A personal network username is conditional upon your continuing ability to manage files appropriately and efficiently and adhering to the acceptable code of conduct. Breaches of this code could mean suspension of your network access.

General use of the Network
  • all network passwords are private to the user and must not be divulged or shared
  • all network activities must be based on curriculum or school responsibilities
  • use all equipment with care
  • report any problems immediately to a staff member
  • any teacher has the right to view your email and electronic files
  • any email attachment must be less than 5MB

Use of Email and Internet
The Internet is a public forum. All individuals representing Samuel Marsden Collegiate School on the Internet are expected to follow the highest standards of ethical conduct at all times. This includes internal email, email going outside Marsden and contributions to any internet or internet discussion groups. You should not that all email that leaves Marsden has a Marsden return address identifier.

The following standards of conduct apply to all activity on the Internet:
  • Email accounts are to be used for sensible and appropriate communication.
  • Publish factual information only. Opinion-based messages should clearly be labelled as such. This is particularly important when using any internet forums or discussion groups.
  • Observe rules for correct spelling (use spell checker), grammar and punctuation. This is particularly important for external email.
  • Obey legal safeguards. Internet forum and discussion groups can be read by millions of people. You must be careful about what you write. This is particularly true of individuals, groups or organisations. Do not criticise or defame individuals inside or outside Marsden.
  • Be courteous and professional, use speech appropriate to the organisation you are communicating with.
  • Include a signature/electronic address or other means to allow for follow-up contact. Do not give personal details. See the personal safety section.
  • Do not use angry, threatening or rude language.
  • Do not send 'chain' letters. Do not reply to chain letters.
  • Do not write in all capital letters. It is regarded as shouting.
  • Do not re-post messages without permission of the originator.
  • Do not download files from the internet onto the Marsden network without gaining prior approval.

For more information see our Digital Citizens pages