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Parent Coordinators

Each year we welcome an enthusiastic group of new Year Group Coordinators. Some of the things these Year Group representatives do include:
  • Welcoming new parents who have joined the school
  • Creating an event where girls and their families can get to know each other, eg: A parent only event – ladies lunch, pot luck dinner, dessert or wine evening A class family outing – picnic, bowling etc
  • Holding the class contact list so that parents can be contacted through a telephone tree
  • Being point of contact for such things as: Arranging support if there is a family crisis Asking people to help at MPA events Being a communication channel when needed.
  • Being a conduit for parents to pass on ideas/issues to the school and the MPA
Please let us know if you would like any more information or have any ideas/feedback as to how it could work better.
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