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2017 Primary News Term 1

Pop-up Museum
Marsden Year 6 students with their pop-up museum exhibit
In Science, Year 6 have been investigating the effect predators have on our native birds and environment. Groups created 'exhibits' based around different predators for a pop-up museum that the other Primary classes have been invited to visit. The exhibits are interactive and include QR codes that can be scanned for more information, models of animals and very informed Year 6 curators! (24/03/2017)

Primary Director's hidden past
Marsden Primary Director shares Malawi recipes with students
Marsden Primary students are exploring bugs, they're created worm farms, looked at life cycles, been to Te Papa's Bug Lab exhibition, seen them up close and now they are looking at ways to eat them! Director of Marsden Primary, Celia McCarthy spent two years in Malawi, working at St John's Hospital and teaching at Marymount Secondary School in Mzuzu, which co-incidentally translates to "Place of the Mosquitoes". She brought in her Malawi Cookbook which has a section on how to cook the most delicious bug recipes! From her time in Malawi Celia remembers driving through the pouring rain, seeing hordes of flying ants coming out of the ground, and the village children running along stuffing handfuls of the ants into their mouths, like they were sweets! She also decorated Christmas cards with the wings from dead flying ants! The things we never knew about our Primary Director! (15/03/2017)

Bug Lab Trip
Marsden Primary students go to Bug Lab at Te Papa
Marsden Primary students go to Bug Lab at Te Papa
Getting up close to giant bugs sounds a bit scary, but for Primary students who visited Te Papa's Bug Lab exhibition it was a fascinating insight into the weird and wonderful world of insects. The immersive and interactive exhibition featured amazing creations by Weta (very apt) Workshop. See more photos on our Facebook page. (07/03/2017)

Pancake Tuesday

Primary classes made pancakes with Chaplain Sarah King on Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day as it is also known. She explained to to them about the Old English tradition of using up all the fattening ingredients in the house before Lent, so that people were ready to fast during Lent.

A wonderful old tradition and definitely a yummy lesson. (02/03/2017)

Programmers of the future

Marsden Primary students programme Cubetto
Cubetto is a friendly wooden robot that teaches our youngest Primary students the basics of computer programming in its simplest form without the complexity of language and screens. Students place different coloured blocks on a control board that tells Cubetto where to go on a floor map. As well as coming to grips with the basics of programming and keeping Cubetto on course, it is so much fun! (23/02/2017)

Starting positively
Marsden students make cards with positive messages to themselves
Starting the Year positively - Primary Director Celia McCarthy helps Year 6 make cards with uplifting messages to themselves! The cards will be mailed out to them in the middle of the year as a great reminder to stay positive, so parents please don't open your daughter's mail! (20/02/2017)

Year 6 Camp
Marsden Year 6 Camp
The annual Year 6 camp proved challenging but fun for our students as they undertook a variety of personal and group activities ranging from archery, bivouac building, water challenges to navigating the high ropes and the obstacle course. Our students gave it everything and we are really proud of the way they embraced all the challenges put to them. The photos say it all. (16/02/2017)

Enjoying EOTC
Marsden Primary enjoying EOTC
The Marsden Primary EOTC week has gone really well with all year levels enjoying a wide range of fun and challenging activities. Year 4-5 are off to Zealandia today. The Year 6 camp has gone very well, they enjoyed the waterslide last night and have been orienteering and making bush bivouacs, and it stayed fine for the Teddy Bear's picnic yesterday!  See more photos on our Facebook page. (10/02/2017)

Happy first week for Year 1 students
Marsden Year 12 and Year 1 students enjoy time together
Year 12 and Year 1 students enjoyed some time together in the Primary Library. A nice way to end a very happy week for our girls. (03/02/2017)

Congratulations Kate Feary
Kate Feary, Marsden Primary Teacher
Warmest congratulations to our wonderful, energetic and inspiring Primary Teacher, Kate Feary who, after completing two years teaching, has received full teacher registration. (03/02/2017) 

2017 here we go!

What a great start! It is wonderful to see everyone back ready for the year ahead.  From the youngest to the oldest,  we are excited to see our students realise their potential and for 2017 it all starts now. Here we go! (01/02/2017)