What are your responsibilities as a digital citizen?

Below is the content of the Y7-13 Technology Acceptable Use Agreement that all students must sign every year. First you must read the Code of Conduct Guidelines, then download the Student Technology Acceptable Use Agreement form, sign and return it to the iCentre or your Form Teacher/Tutor.

Technology: Acceptable Use Agreement

I understand my school provides technology tools for me to use to support my schoolwork and my communication with others (including my peers, teachers and parents) about my learning. I understand the school allows me to use my own technology to support my learning when I have obtained my teacher’s permission.

  • I will always aim for the highest standard possible in all the ways I use technology and communicate online
  • I will always think critically, creatively and reflectively about the material that I contribute online, how I share it, and whom I share it
  • I will respect others opinions, beliefs and ideas in online communication 
  • I will be fair and honest in what I say and do online
  • I will be responsible and accountable in what I say and do online
  • I will act ethically online
  • I will help others to act in a responsible, ethical way in the use of technology
I understand that if I do not use technology in a responsible and ethical manner, I will be held accountable for my actions and may lose access to school technology, or face other consequences.


What does it mean to be 'accountable'?

accountable (adjective): taking responsibility for one's actions 
  • I need to think about decisions I make with regard to technology, because I am responsible for the consequences.
  • I am prepared to explain my actions.

Critical, creative, reflective

What does it mean to think 'critically, creatively and reflectively'?

        critically, creatively, reflectively - adverbs 
        critically - examining how effective something is                     
        creatively - with originality and freshness
        reflectively - personal thought on how something has been done   
    • I will check where possible that information I use from the internet is accurate.
    • I will think about what I read online and ask questions about it. 
    • I will remember that anyone can make a webpage and that they are not all reliable.
    • I will examine my own work to see that I have made it truly my own.
    • I will be aware of the decisions I make about technology and whether or not they will be in my best interests.


    What does it mean to be ethical?

    ethical - (adjective): to have moral standards
    • I will ask permission before I use photos of other people. 
    • I will think whether I would like the same thing done to me 
    • I will not use other people's password 
    • I will ask permission before I use the work of other people  and I will acknowledge them 
    • Copying other peoples work and pretending it is your own is called  plagiarism.  It is the same as cheating.

    High Standards

    What does it mean 'aim for the highest standard'?
            aim (verb) - to set goals
            highest (a superlative adjective) - the most
            standard (noun) - quality

    • I will look after the equipment
    • I will remember that technology helps my thinking and doesn’t replace it.
    • I will use technology to create work that I am proud to show others.