Copyright FAQs  
(based on advice from Copyright Licensing Limited 5 June 2009)
  1. Can I take an image from a website and change it?
    Only the creator of the work has the right to change or adapt his work.  That isn’t to say you can’t use the same idea, as long as the work can’t be recognised as deriving from the original. 
  2. If I acknowledge text from a website can I use it?
    You need to seek permission to use any work from the internet.
  3. Can I change the text from a website
    Same as answer 1. Only the creator of the work has the right to change or adapt the work. 
  4. Can I totally rewrite the text from a website but still use the same idea?
    Ideas are not protected by copyright, so yes, you can use the same idea as long as it isn’t similar to, or recognizably deriving from, the original.
  5. Can I quote from the notes a teacher has given me?
    It’s always best to ask the teacher if you can quote from her notes. 
  6. Does it make any difference if it is a school assignment?
  7. If there is no contact, or copyright information who do I get permission to use the material from?
    If you have done a through search for the author or publisher of the work and are still unable to find them, then you can put a statement on your work such as the following:
    Every reasonable effort has been made to locate the copyright owner.  If you are the owner of this work, please contact…