Health and Physical Education

In Health and Physical Education, the focus is on your own wellbeing, as well as on the wellbeing of others and society as a whole. We promote healthy living focusing on the four dimensions of Hauora/wellbeing: to develop self-management, goal setting, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Year 7 and 8

Physical Education
You will participate in a wide variety of activities, such as athletics, cricket, badminton, touch rugby, fitness, basketball, cross country, football, hockey, gymnastics and dance. We want you to acquire new skills and strategies, develop existing motor skills and develop positive interpersonal skills and teamwork.

Year 7 Health explores the physical and social changes associated with growing up and ways of responding to pressure from others. Year 8 further develops ideas about wellbeing, identity, rights and responsibilities, puberty, resilience and body systems.

Year 9

Practical classes cover a variety of cooperative and competitive activities such as athletics, adventure-based learning, football, fitness, dance and ki o rahi. We will also focus on the development of effective interpersonal skills in health-related situations, such as decision-making, conflict resolution and communication and learn about risk management, drugs and alcohol and sexuality.

Year 10

Practical learning includes activities such as: athletics, touch rugby, volleyball, netball, badminton, basketball, dance and Te Reo Kori. We encourage you to learn new skills and strategies, extend your knowledge and develop movement concepts in a variety of activities. In class you will discuss how to manage relationships and demonstrate tolerance. Topics include body image, sexuality, drugs, alcohol and mental illness. You will have the opportunity to fulfil some of the requirements for the Hillary Award (Bronze).

Year 11

In the world we live in there is an increased need to be aware of the benefits of regular physical activity, healthy lifestyles and positive mental health. Physical Education provides students with regular exercise, social interactions and time to analyse movements and factors that affect participation. In Health Education you are taught strategies to promote positive relationships, resilience, confidence and healthy, safe lifestyles. This course combines practical and theory classes. Credits towards NCEA Level 1 are gained through both Health and Physical Education.

Year 12 and 13 (Option)

Year 12
At Year 12 Physical Education is a full academic option assessed for Level 2 NCEA. The course covers: hauora/ wellbeing; concepts of fitness and health; functional anatomy; biomechanical principles; nutrition; principles and methods of training and personal performance. You will engage in learning experiences that promote an understanding of a physically active and healthy lifestyle. All components of this course are internally assessed; they incorporate physical activities, excursions, written work and research.

Year 13
At Year 13 Physical Education is offered as an academic subject assessed for Level 3 NCEA. It is not necessary for you to have completed the Year 12 course in PE, although it is beneficial. The course covers topics such as hauora/ wellbeing, relationships between regular exercise and health, principles and methods of fitness training, risk management in the outdoors, sports psychology and personal performance. You will engage in learning that explores and challenges assumptions about how societal factors affect the participation and the well-being of people in our community. All components of this course are internally assessed; they incorporate physical activities, written work and research.
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