Religious Education

Sarah King
Andrea Stockwell
HOD Religious Education
Marsden is an Anglican school whose wellbeing and organisation is under the care of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington. Although you are not required to be a member of this, or any church, Religious Education is at the core of the school’s character. Its aim is to deepen your awareness and experience of spiritual, religious and ethical knowledge. You will also receive religious education through assemblies and a church service each term. 
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Years 7-8

In Year 7 our class focus is on the life and times of Jesus and storytelling from the New Testament.
In Year 8 we explore the meaning of Christianity.

Year 9

In Year 9 the focus is on Faith. Students investigate ideas such as ‘Where do I belong?’, ‘Who or what is God’, and ‘What is faith?’

Year 10

In Year 10 the focus is on spirituality within Christianity and world religions. There is some interweaving of stillness and silence.

Year 11

Religious Education classes are taught for one period a week throughout the year. You will explore ethical dilemmas and, in the context of social justice, devise your own project for greater equity. There is no formal assessment in this course.

Years 12 and 13 Life Skills (Compulsory)

Once a week Year 12 and 13 students enjoy a class where the focus is not on assessment but on developing skills and ideas in a range of real life contexts. The classes run from Terms 1 to 3, with a different module in each term. 

Year 12s look at ‘justice in an unjust world’ in the context of Religious Education; they gain invaluable skills in managing their money through Financial Literacy and enjoy indepth discussions about self-selected topical issues in their Woke Women class. 

Year 13s focus on physical and social wellbeing in Thrive – their Health class; they learn about Māori tikanga (customs and practices) in Te Ao Māori and gain everyday cooking skills in their Food for Flatters course – all invaluable skills as they ready themselves for life beyond Marsden.

In Term 4, Life Skills ends and is replaced with study.