Design Technology

Through the Design Technology programme students learn skills involving the manipulation of soft materials, designing and constructing a range of garments and articles.  All courses included research, design, production and evaluation, using technical skills.
In the junior courses students learn about production processes and develop skills using the sewing Machine, designing and creating their own patterns and producing prototypes from these.
At Year 9, the Design Technology programmes include two options: Fashion Textiles and Jewellery Accessories. Students have the opportunity to select either or both technology options for the year’s study, with Fashion Textiles producing of a garment from patterns and using tie-dye processes in the colouring of fabrics.
The Jewellery programme, involves a strong sustainability theme, learning about felting processes and extending their creativity with found objects. The girls learn about creating their own vegetable dyes as part of producing beautifully finished fashion accessory treasures.
The NCEA programmes develop the elements and principles of design and build into a comprehensive study of sustainability in the fashion and textiles industry.
Year 13 students research and work towards creating garments and products for clients of their choice, ranging from WOW costumes to quilts. To support learning in new textiles technologies the Technology Department has fostered closer relationships with the Massey College of Creative Arts ‘Fab Lab’, a laser-cutting fabrication lab. This experience has seen students successfully progressing on to study Fashion and Textiles at both Otago University and Massey University Wellington Schools of Fashion Design.
Each year the Technology Department runs a themed and fully choreographed Fashion Parade where students model and display the garments they have produced during the year.