Previous Artists

2021 William Docherty
2020 Jasmine Chalmers
2019 Margaret Tolland
2018 Bridget Reweti
2017 Rebecca Holden
2016 Michel Tuffery
2015 Maria O'Toole
2014 Virginia Woods-Jack
2013 Michele Bryant
2012 Debra Britten
2011 Lynne Sandri
2010 Caroline McQuarrie
2009 Jason Hicks
2008 Irene Ferguson
2007 Nicola Cathie
2006 Sheyne Tuffery
2005 John Reid
2004 Caroline Morten
2003 Ans Westra
2002 Shelley Hannigan
2001 Gaby O'Connor
2000 Simon Ogden
1999 Adrienne Martyn

2021 Artist in Residence–William Docherty

Our 2021 Artist in Residence is artist, William Docherty, has been an art educator for over 40 years and is a practicing artist, painter and sculptor. His work has featured in numerous exhibitions.  William was born in Glasgow and studied at Leicester University. Following his graduation with a BAHons, he moved to Birmingham to study Post Graduate Education at the School of Art.  He taught in Birmingham for a year then moved to New Zealand, to a teaching position with Palmerston North Boys' High School, initially as a solo arts teacher, then as Head of Visual Arts.  William has held roles including Assistant Chief Moderator of School Certificate Art, and for many years was a moderator for Level 1 and Level 2, and marker for Level 3 and University Bursary Art-Design. 

During his 6 week residency William led various workshops and assisted art students to develop their portfolios whilst creating his own body of work for exhibition.  This culminated with a successful Exhibition called 'Multiplicity' at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts in June.

2020 Artist in Residence–Jasmine Chalmers

Photographer, Jasmine Chalmers, was Marsden's 2020 Artist in Residence. Jasmine is an emerging Wellington-based artist with a strong interest in nostalgia and the unusual which she interrogates through the still life genre. Her photographic work draws influence from a blend of painting traditions and cinematic aesthetic and breathes new life into objects retrieved from second-hand shops. Rediscovering a passion for photography after several years as a public servant, she studied a Diploma in Photography in 2018 and has exhibited regularly since then.

During her residency at Marsden, Jasmine worked with art students on studio lighting techniques and cultivating an eye for the uncanny using ordinary objects as inspiration.  Jasmine’s creative outcomes were displayed at her Exhibition entitled Interior Vision, held at {Suite} Art Gallery, 241 Cuba Street, Wellington, 11 – 25 September 2020.

2019 Artist in Residence–Margaret Tolland

Full-time artist and illustrator, Margaret Tolland, was Marsden's 2019 Artist in Residence.  With a background as a secondary school art teacher and Art Educator at Pataka Art + Museum, she has been a part of the children’s picture book world for the past six years and has gained great momentum with a series of publications, including children’s book titles ‘Fantail’s Quilt’, ‘Go, Green Gecko’ and ‘Watch out, Snail’ amongst others. Her beautifully detailed and rich illustrations are inspired by the unique endemic species of Aotearoa and led her to being a finalist in the 2012 LIANZA Children's Book Awards and the 2014 New Zealand Post Picture Book Awards. 

Students at all year levels enjoyed working with Margaret during her 6 week tenure at Marsden, the process and experience was very rewarding for all involved. Margaret's large conservationist works featuring eight  ‘conservation champions’ associated with Karori’s Zealandia, together with student works, were exhibited 'In the Round'  at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery 28 June – 20 July 2019.

2018 Artist in Residence–Bridget Rewiti

Marsden's 2018 Artist in Residence was Bridget Rewiti. From Ngāti Ranginui and Ngāi Te Rangi in Tauranga, Bridget's lens-based practice explores landscape perspectives and contemporary indigenous realities. She holds a Masters in Māori Visual Arts from Toioho ki Āpiti, Massey University and a PgDip in Museum and Heritage Studies from Victoria University of Wellington. She has held numerous residencies both nationally and internationally and came to us directly from a 3 month residency in Jogjakarta. Bridget says that she 'enjoys spending time outside and making Art'. 

In the short time that she was with us she worked collaboratively with many of our students to explore a variety of light based camera processes from camera obscura, cyanotypes and into the dark room to create works that document the Karori flora and fauna around Marsden. The beautiful images produced by Bridget and those created in collaboration with students during the course of her residency were displayed at her 'Tipu' exhibition at the NZ Portrait Gallery, Shed 11 from 26 June to 30 June 2018.

2017 Artist in Residence–Rebecca Holden

We were delighted to host renowned Wellington painter Rebecca Holden as our 2017 Marsden Artist in Residence.  Rebecca has a Masters Degree from Massey College of Creative Arts, and is a superb visual storyteller.  Her recent body of work, 'Sand in the Apricot Jam', paid tribute to the NZ Mounted Riflemen who fought in the Middle East Campaign of WWI and was exhibited as a WW1 commemorative show in Rishon LeZion, Israel in November 2017. 

During her time at Marsden Rebecca brought her narrative expertise to the classroom, as well as a community workshop for local schools. She shared working methods and processes to inspire students to look at different ways of generating ideas to tell visual stories.  Marsden held an exhibition at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery at Shed 11 from 23 June to 2 July, to celebrate the works produced by Rebecca and in collaboration with students during the course of her residency.

2016 Artist in Residence–Michel Tuffery

Internationally renowned renowned Wellington artist Michel Tuffery worked alongside art students at all levels of the school over a 5-week period (23 May to 24 June), developing a series of individual and collaborative works. 

Michel's interest in connecting conservationist themes in his work paralleled a biodiversity themed investigation by students which ran alongside his own investigation. This collaborative body of stitched woodcut prints, together with a body of works including bronze casts, lasercut wooden panels and woodcut prints on paper and tapa, were part of the residency exhibition, titled Lost and Found, held at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery at Shed 11 during the week of 27 June to 3 July.During the residency Michel shared insight to his working process, cultural influences and passion for storytelling. The exhibition was one of the most successful held as part of the residency programme, and the most significant in showcasing the work of the students.

Michel Tuffery talks here about his body of work, the themes and influences.

2015 Artist in Residence–Maria O'Toole

Maria O’Toole, engaged with our Art students with a wealth of experience. Bringing to the residency experience as an art educator, designer and illustrator, as well as finalist in the Parkin Award (National NZ Drawing Award) in 2013 and 2014, finalist in the 2014 Wellington Regional Drawing Award and resident artist in the DRAWInternational Artist in Residency in Caylus, France. Maria worked alongside students while she develop a series of works for exhibition.

Maria was interested in how intimate spaces are experienced and explored ways this could be recorded in large-scale performative drawings. Maria shares her art practice during the residence and says, “My interest in the body in space stems from my illustration practice. A figurative drawing is always my starting point or way into a new body of work. In my drawings I navigate the in-between space that I experience when taking a walk, when the rhythm of my body and imagining consciousness slips into another space where daydreams open up and expand a vast inner landscape.”

2014 Artist in Residence–Virginia Woods-Jack

Our 2014 Marsden Artist in Residence was Wellington photographer Virginia Woods-Jack. Virginia has a first class Masters in Fine Art from Massey Wellington and a BA Hons in photography from the University of Creative Arts in England. Her images have been exhibited in NZ, USA, England and France including The City Gallery Wellington and The Month of Photography LA. She was a finalist in The NZ National Contemporary Art Award 2009, has featured in the London Photographic Awards and Voies Off in Arles France.

Virginia developed a series of works for exhibition while working alongside art students. She is interested in the layers of time inherent in the photographic process, exploring pulling apart the alchemy associated with instant Polaroid photographic processes and how this relates to the time and space present within a location. Marsden hosted an exhibition of Virginia's works at the New Zealand Portrait Gallery at Shed 11 during October. Virginia talks about her experience and practice during the residency.

2013 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Michele Bryant

Our 2013 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence was Michele Bryant. Michele is a graduate of the Wellington Polytechnic School of Design (textiles) and has completed postgraduate studies in Art and Art History at Victoria University and Auckland College of Education. She has a wealth of experience in a range of professional roles, including: art and design educator at tertiary level, Museum conservator, illustrator and designer and is now working full-time as a practicing painter and printmaker. Her work is represented in private and public collections here and internationally

Michele  worked alongside art and design students to develop a series of works for exhibition based on the events of the calendar month of June, using influences from within the school and community at large to build up a series of artworks and installations. Michele talks about her residency at Marsden School.

2012 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Debra Britten

Our 2012 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence was Debra Britten. Debra is a graduate of the Wellington Polytechnic School of Design. She has worked as a freelance designer, calligrapher, textile printer and illustrator, spent many years in hospitality and is now working full-time as an artist.

As part of her brief, Debra employed unconventional methods that incorporate colour and mark-making into her works, in order to encourage art students to look at different ways in which to express their creativity.

2011 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Lynne Sandri

Our 2011 Artist in Residence was Wellington painter Lynne Sandri. Based in Wellington, Lynne has been a full time painter for the past 14 years and is active in supporting and nurturing the Wellington art scene. She has been involved in the establishment of the Affordable Art Show in Wellington and remains as a member of the selection team and curator. Her work is held in major private and corporate collections internationally and throughout New Zealand.

Lynne followed an investigation into how generations’ memories are expressed and the contexts in which they are generated. Her work expresses ideas about time and idealism and is told in stories. These stories examine generational difference, culture, identity and growing up in a working class New Zealand family. 
Working in both heavily textured acrylics and oil paints on various relevant supports (e.g. canvas stretched on embroidery rounds, deck chairs, light boxes, wooden rounds and traditional stretched canvases), Lynne’s work is dynamic and thoughtful.

2010 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Caroline McQuarrie

Our 2010 Mercedes Benz Artist in Residence was Caroline McQuarrie, a lecturer in photography at Massey University College of Creative Arts in Wellington. Born in Greymouth, Caroline studied Fine Arts at Canterbury University before working in London for five years as a photographer, including restoring and retouching photographs. She returned to Massey in 2002 to do a Masters degree and then teach.

Caroline created a unique exhibition of cyanotype blue photographic prints on domestic textiles such as napkins, tray cloths, tea towels and tablecloths. She also enjoyed the interaction with the students before they reached university, where she normally sees them. " Most of us don't know much about the school system, particularly since NCEA. It's actually really interesting from a profesional point of view to see what they do and their expectations," she said. "It's been great".

2009 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Jason Hicks

Our students were fortunate to have Jason Hicks, our 2009 resident artist, share his ideas and techniques during Term 3 while they were preparing their NCEA and scholarship portfolio submissions.  

Jason's inspiration for his work comes from his love of the New Zealand landscape and his passion for the history of our land. His bold and sometimes moody landscapes are often superimposed with traditional motifs, symbols and shapes, and more recently a concentration on friendships and relationships and how we interact with each other.

Originally from Wanganui, Jason graduated with a Bachelor of Design from Victoria University of Wellington in 1997. His passion and desire to paint has overridden a career in photography, and sees him now as one of New Zealand’s emerging painters.

2008 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Irene Ferguson

We were delighted to have Wellington painter, Irene Ferguson, as our 2008 resident artist. Irene studied at the Otago School of Fine Art and the New York Academy of Fine Art, before working as studio assistant with renowned New York artist Jeff Koons (2005), and has exhibited widely both in New Zealand and overseas. In 2008 she was awarded the prestigious Adam Portraiture Award for her portrait ‘the Blue Girl’.

Irene worked with students in preparation for their NCEA folio and scholarship submissions and concluded her residency with an exhibition of works generated through the residency.

2007 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Nicola Cathie

Students enjoyed working with Wellington based graphic designer and painter Nicola Cathie as resident artist. Nicola was educated in Visual Communication in Wellington, where she presented her first painting exhibition in 1994. Following completing post-graduate studies in painting and design at the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, Nicola spent eight years working in the creative field of design in London and New York.

Nicola shared her working processes and techniques with senior painting students and ran workshops in semiotics and branding for the design students preparing for NCEA portfolios.

2006 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Sheyne Tuffery

Sheyne Tuffery, Auckland based multi-media visual artist, worked with students developing works toward their NCEA visual art portfolios. Well known for the dynamic style of his prints and woodcuts, Sheyne brought to the students’ art-making practice a fresh view of printmaking and painting.

Sheyne describes himself as a paper architect who uses his work to create and represent his own cultural context and sense of belonging. His work has featured in solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand and throughout the world. 

Sheyne’s residency experience was shared in a presentation of the Samuel Marsden artist in residence programme by HOD Visual Arts John Denton at the 2007 ANZAAE conference held in Wellington.

2005 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–John Reid

We were delighted to have had Sydney-based artist, John Reid as our 2005 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence. With his very painterly abstract works his emphasis is very much on the medium of paint – the smell, the texture and the reaction of painted marks assembled on the painted surface. Reid, formerly a biochemist, moved to Australia from New Zealand and began painting in his early thirties.

During his residency in Wellington John created a series of canvases inspired by the change of location, building on his investigation into the alchemy of paint and light. The finished works were exhibited at both Marsden School and in the Mercedes Benz Wellington Star Showroom.

2004 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Caroline Morten

We were delighted to have Canterbury artist, Caroline Morten as our 2004 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence in Term One. Caroline worked with students in our Visual Arts and Design Department as well as working on her own portfolio.

Caroline has a strong interest in working with paper, through printmaking, paper pulp, collage and drawing and introduced these mediums to our visual arts students.  During her residency, Caroline created a series of images which explored the beauty and complexity of the various layers of the female form which were exhibited at Marsden later in the year.

Following her residency Caroline enrolled for teacher training at Victoria University Wellington College of Education and again worked with students at Marsden as a part of her studies in teaching practice. Caroline has, since graduation from Teachers' College, been employed teaching secondary school art.

2003 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Ans Westra

Ans Westra worked with students in our Art and Design Department as our Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence for 2003, our 125th Anniversary. Ans Westra is one of New Zealand's most prominent photojournalists. Her documentary work of New Zealanders and their lives has formed a special part of New Zealand history. Her unobtrusive style has gained her some wonderful images and admiration from both her subjects and those viewing her work. Ans Westra’s daughter attended Marsden and she has maintained an interest in the school.  

During her residency Ms Westra undertook a photo essay of the school, including 125th Anniversary events.   In August, students, parents and friends of the school were able to view this work at a special exhibition.  This collection has become a valuable part of the school's historical records.

2002 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence–Shelley Hannigan

Melbourne based artist, Shelley Hannigan worked in our Art and Design Department as the 2002 Mercedes-Benz Artist in Residence.  Shelley worked with students while also developing her own paintings in the studio located within the Department. 

Shelley grew up in Wellington and she completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting at the University of Canterbury, School of Fine Arts, in the late 1980s. After travelling for several years she settled in Melbourne where she now lives with her artist husband and two small children. 
She has been a practicing artist for over a decade, exhibiting primarily in New Zealand and Australia. Her paintings have always been about the exploration of colour, self -identity and place. 
Shelley's paintings on her memories of Wellington, interior scenes of her family home and various scenes of Wellington she recalls from her childhood. These works were exhibited at Bowen Gallery at the end of her residency.

2001 Artist in Residence–Gabby O'Connor

Our 2001 Artist in Residence, Gabby O’Connor, worked in the Art Department during the first part of Term Three. Since graduating from the Victorian College of the Arts, she has worked continuously on various projects and collaborations involving dance, music and exhibition. She participated in the Studio artist programme at 200 Gertrude St Gallery in Fitzroy, Victoria and co-founded the collaborative ensemble, Slide into Sound, developing public audio visual installations and performances with sound artist/musician Elissa Goodrich. 

Her artistic practice is divided in two. Her private practice involves the creation of site specific installations and objects out of paper and light, whilst her collaborative work with Slide into Sound and other groups involves the creation of projects (35mm slide and video) for installation in public and private spaces. Gabby spent time developing a new body of work whilst in the school and worked with senior Visual Arts students. Her residency ended mid term, with a very successful public viewing of an installation work.

2000 Artist in Residence–Simon Ogden

Our 2000 Artist in Residence was renowned painter, Simon Ogden from Canterbury University School of Fine Arts spent time at the school working on his own portfolio and assisting students.
Simon was born in England and received his art education in the Carlisle College of Art and Design, the Birmingham Polytechnic, and the Royal College of Art in London. He has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions in New Zealand, and is represented in private and public collections in New Zealand and overseas. 

Simon Ogden has extensive experience in art education in tertiary institutions in New Zealand, and has been the recipient of a number of awards and residencies. Among the commissioned work he has undertaken are projects for the Christchurch City Council, Canterbury Health, the NZ Historic Places Trust, the Robert McDougall Art Gallery, the International Festival for Youth, and the Suter Gallery. Simon is a senior lecturer in Painting, Printmaking and Drawing in the School of Fine Arts at the University of Canterbury.

1999 Artist in Residence–Adrienne Martyn

The Artist in Residence Programme was established to assist our students by exposing them to different artists, broadening their perspectives and helping them develop their own portfolios. 
Photographer, Adrienne Martyn was the inaugural recipient of the residency, which was sponsored by the Marsden Parents’ Association, spending five weeks at the school producing images for an exhibition while working with senior students.
Adrienne’s theme for the exhibition was a study water at Seatoun, titled “Tide”.

Adrienne Martyn is well known for her black-and-white portraits of prominent New Zealand artists, taken in the 1980s, and her work is in collections in the Museum of New Zealand, Te Papa, the Dowse Art Museum, Auckland City Gallery, the Hocken Library, the University of Canterbury and the Robert McDougall Art Gallery.