School Guidance Counsellors

Welcome to the Marsden School Guidance Page, please feel free to contact either of us by email at any time, or come to see us during these times:

  • MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY 9.45-1.45pm : Amelia Volkerling
  • THURSDAY & FRIDAY  8.30- 1.30pm :  Sarah Richards
You can find us in room 41 in the health centre.  We move about a bit but our contact details don't change.

Ways you can get in touch with us:
Bring a friend ... if it feels better.
Seeing one of us is just like going to the nurse or chaplain and neither staff nor your parents are informed in most cases, unless it seems that they are needed. We would work that out together.

We can help with most things and it's always good to talk.
We are good listeners. 

Love, Sarah Richards and Amelia Volkerling