What to do if ...

Here are some frequently asked questions. If you can't find the answer, please go either to the Primary Office for Primary Students or Years 7-13 students should ask at the main reception.

If you can't come to school
All Years 1-13
Ensure parents phone Main Office Phone 476-8792 ext 701 by 8:25am each morning or email absences@marsden.school.nz

If you are late to school

Primary – Go to Primary Office
Y7-13 – Enter your details in the "Sign In / Sign Out" e-register in the Main Office and collect a late pass.

If you  are ill at school
Primary – Go to class/duty teacher first
Y7-9 – Go to Main Office
Y10-13 – Go to Health Centre
If you lose something
Primary – Go to Primary Office
Y7-13 – Check at Main Office. Unnamed lost property is displayed once a term. You will be notified in Bulletin when this will happen.

If you want to use the phone
Primary – Go to Primary Office
Y7-13 – In the cafeteria Dial 1 for an outside line. If you need to phone a cellphone check at Main Office.

If you have been absent
Primary – Tell class teacher
Y7-13 – Bring a note to your Form Teacher/Tutor

If you have an appointment during school
Primary – Tell class teacher
Y7-13 – Bring an appointment card or  note from your parents to your Form Teacher/Tutor. Or have your parents phone the Main Office 476-8707 or email  absences@marsden.school.nz.  Sign In / Sign Out  when you leave, and again if you return to school that day.
If you change your address or phone number
All Years 1-13
Notify Enrolment Manager

If you want to see the Counsellor
Primary – Tell class teacher
Years 7-13 – Contact school counsellor by phone (txt) or email - see details

If you want want stationery 
Primary - Go to Primary Office
Y7-13 – Own responsibility

If you want to play sport
Primary – Sign up start of year or go to Primary Office
Y7-13 – See Marsdensport website to complete Sports registration forms and listen/watch for meetings in the daily Bulletin

If you want to be involved
Primary – Go to Primary Office
Y7-13 – Listen to Assembly notices and read the daily Bulletin
Primary students should see Jo Sherlock in the Primary Office if you need help.
Jo Sherlock
Years 7-13 students ask Katherine Priddle, our Receptionist in the main school office and she will be able to help you
Katherine Priddle