Homework will be set on a Monday to Friday for both junior and senior Primary pupils.

Homework is set for students to consolidate skills they have learnt at school. It is important for our girls to set aside a time each day where they complete a part of the weekly homework. This teaches them time management skills and a work ethic.

Homework should not be stressful for you or your child.

If your child has had a particularly busy week and is unable to complete all tasks set, please notify the class teacher so they are aware of this circumstance.

Please contact your child's classroom teacher if any problems arise. As a rough guide, the following homework times per night are:
  • Year 1 10 minutes (reading with and alongside an adult)
  • Year 2 15 minutes
  • Year 3 20 minutes
  • Year 4 30 minutes
  • Year 5 30-40 minutes
  • Year 6 40-45 minutes                        
 NB: These times include personal reading.